Working As A Student Coach In Sweden – What Does It Take?

Working As A Student Coach In Sweden – What Does It Take?

For many college students, the idea of earning an extra income as you go on with your studies will always sound great. College can be tough for the broke folks and while your priority will always be your studies, there is nothing wrong with a side hassle just to pay the bills. There are many jobs you can do while you are still at college. However, becoming a study coach is perhaps one of the best options you have. There are millions of parents across Sweden who are ready to pay for tutoring services for their kids. This can be a great way for you to earn some extra money before you finally graduate.

What Are Study Coach Jobs?

Just like the name suggests, a study coach job is basically a type of part time work that involves working with pupils in lower levels of education to help them with homework. The job also involves working hand in hand with both parents and pupils to help them improve in areas they are having trouble with. Education at the lower levels can be confusing to these young lads and as a coach, you can make a difference by pointing these kids in the right direction and helping them become better in their studies moving forward.

What’s In It For You?

Well, there are many benefits you will get working as a student coach. To start with, there is the small issue of income. As indicated at the introduction of this post, earning some cash while studying at the university can make your life a whole lot easier. With homework coaching, you can earn as much as 200 SEK an hour for your troubles. In addition to this, these are simple part time jobs. You don’t have to change your study schedule. Just sign up with a homework service provider and choose the schedule that works for you. Finally, this job will make a difference in the life of a young kid who would be lost without you as far as academics go.

How To Get Started?

In case you are looking at this opportunity and saying indeed its ideal for you, there are a few steps you will need to follow in order to start earning. It’s not like you can just start from nowhere. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Find a homework service provider – there are many companies that offer homework help and study coaching services. But you may want to limit yourself to top companies such as My Academy.
  2. Understand the criteria of selection – homework coaching companies will have specific criteria when it comes to the recruitment of tutors. Know what is needed and do your best to meet them.
  3. Give your best – once you have the job as a study coach, don’t take it for granted. Do your best and let your work reflect on the grades of the pupil you are working with.

Becoming a student coach and earning money from it is simple. Feel free to visit My Academy for more information.