Should You Join The Military Instead Of Going to College? 5 Things to Consider 

Should You Join The Military Instead Of Going to College? 5 Things to Consider 

Joining the military can change your life in many ways while providing you the opportunity to see the world and grow as a person. While a lifelong military career may or may not be your goal, you can still benefit from joining the military if you plan and prepare yourself before joining. To make the most of your military career, here are five things you should consider before signing up.

Know Your Motivation for Joining

Before you visit your local recruiter and make plans to travel the world, you need to take a close look at your life and understand your motivation for joining the military. If you’re being talked into joining by a friend or family member, a military career may not be for you. If serving your country through the military is not something you believe will help you grow and mature, consider a different career path. There is a large group of people that join the military because they want more structure in their life and support with each step of their life. Though this motivation is different than the drive to serve your country, it is a common motivation, and people with those wants and needs do tend to get that motivation fulfilled.

Evaluate Your Physical Condition

College classes are typically stationary and you will likely spend your time sitting in a chair, which doesn’t require much physical conditioning. Joining the military will require you to be in top physical and mental condition. During boot camp or basic training, your physical endurance will be pushed to limits to increase your physical and mental stamina. All branches of the armed services have minimin physical requirements, so it’s a good idea to get into top physical shape before joining. A quick search on google will provide you with the details you need for the branch that you want to go into

Military Career and a College Education

Many people consider choosing between joining the military or going to college. However, you can do both. If you want a college education, joining the military is an excellent way to get a quality college education without footing the tuition bill out of your pocket. Many branches of the armed services offer programs to pay for your college education. Online colleges for the military make it easy for you to get your degree no matter where in the world service takes you. Taking courses online while you’re still in service to the military can help prepare you for civilian life when your term of service is at an end.

Study Current World Events

College tends to be separate from world events and even though there are opportunities to be engaged with local and world politics, it is also possible for you to stay on the sidelines as a student. What’s happening around the world can affect your military assignment and where you end up serving. Consider what you want to do while you’re in the service and read about recent missions for each branch of service.

All Branches of the Military are Different

Each branch of the military is different. If you love being around water, then the navy may be more suited to your lifestyle. Study each branch of the military and decide which branch of service best suits your wants and needs.

Whether it’s the Army, Air Force, Navy, or Marines, each branch of the military has its pros and cons. A military career is not for everyone, but spending time in the armed services can help you with a college education, build character, develop discipline, and allow you to see the world.