Why We Need Education?

Why We Need Education?

We all need education in this day and age. Why is it so important to seek education? For starters it will save you from societal embarrassment, you can reason against illogical arguments, you will have exposure to the world and so on so forth. Let us see each of the reason that makes education an absolute must-have.

You Can Avoid Societal Embarrassment

Those of you who consider being wealthy and rich as the cause for social classes are mistaken because nobody got financially/economically strong by just inheriting wealth (exception aside), pick anyone and they sought education to change their standard of living which led them to amass such huge amounts of wealth.

When you are educated, you think and devise ways to do things in an unconventional way. Anyone can earn money but deciding whether you will earn that money with integrity while sitting behind a desk in asuit and tie or will be working mending motors at a local auto store in heat, is governed by education.

Economic wellbeing of the developed nations is not by chance, it was the individuals that pursued education and sought means to change their conditions. Coupled with hard work their education played apivotal role in their success.

Teaches You To Let Go Of Superstitions

It is said that most superstitions were the direct outcome of the educated minds and even had scientific reasoning to back it up. But as the world evolved and people alongside grew too. They realized that all the superstitions were baseless and had no meaning attached to it.

If you go to a place where superstitions are still being practiced or are believed, my guess it would be an uneducated society. In the 21st-century people have outgrown baseless superstitions. It is only those who have not learned to educate themselves that holding on to these will not bring them any good or harm for that matter.

Keep Relevancy Intact

You can’t stay relevant to the developing world around you if you don’t know what is “relevant”. Hence, education breeds awareness. Imagine asking what WhatsApp is to someone, apart from being mocked you will be the only person on this planet unaware of how WhatsApp technology has made lives easier. So with theeducation, you can stay relevant to how communication is done today.

Reasoning Against The Illogical

Would you believe anything which is being said had illogical basis? Not when you have solid reasoning to defy your opponent’s logic. So education teaches you to reason with logic. Imagine a group of farmers not being aware of a thing called soil/seed quality and would sow them only to find that the harvest wasn’t that good.

They would say that the Rain God wasn’t pleased with them because they didn’t sow enough seeds without realizing that the real fault did not lie in the number of seeds they sowed but in the quality of seeds they bought or the land wasn’t fertile enough which led to the bad harvest. Now if you were an educated lot, would you talk like that?

Build Your Exposure Of The World

You cannot learn about other nations in the world from where you are simply sitting or the history of the world or the civilizations that came before ours. Help from assignment writers can be sought online. For that you will have to educate yourself by reading about other nations history, their religion and customs, how are certain things done or were once practiced and the likes thereof.

Just because you don’t know their tongue doesn’t make them foreign to you. Languages can always be learned, should you choose to – duh!

Healthier And Happier Lifestyle

Education renders access to improved living. We have seen earlier, that with education we can raise our finances by working great jobs or perhaps running our own businesses which will give the upper hand in terms of best healthcare in town and to antibiotic and vaccine to cure diseases.

Similarly, if you are educated you would know that a simple use of hand sanitizer can kill germs better than washing your hands with a soap. Forget soap, the uneducated lot would simply rinse their hands and go to eat with those hands only. They don’t realize that in the longer run these bacteria intake would cause ulcers and immense damage to our stomachs.

Become More Productive

It is not without reason that scientists make billions of dollars in income. They are making the lives of humankind easier with the machines they are building, with the advancements they are bringing in the medical field or the cures they are developing in the labs. Billions are not for nothing.

Researching and developing technology requires years of studies even their entire lifetimes. Who are they doing it for, just for mere fame? No, technology is among many techniques they have devised so that productivity can increase. More machines less manpower.

Above are some vital reasons why education is needed.

Author Bio: David is a teacher by profession and loves to write in his leisure time. He specializes in the domain of education, foreign scholarships, student dilemmas, assignment writers, and curriculum related subject matters. You can follow him for more updates via his Twitter handle.