Why Students Need To Learn Excel

Why Students Need To Learn Excel

Let’s face it; Excel is everywhere. Whether you are a business owner or student, Excel is everywhere. I remember being first introduced to it in middle school eons ago, and technology had yet to really inundate itself into our everyday lives. This was back in the Windows 95 era when computers looked ancient and the mouse was fairly new.

In education today, Excel will be used by teachers any many different classes (not just Math) and for many reasons. Whether you like it or not, knowing Excel has become necessary in order to succeed in school.

Here’s a Few Benefits of Excel

  1. It can increase your understanding of concepts through its use of graphical charts and presentation of information. It gives you that visual look at data that can help with analysis.
  1. Excel saves students time when it comes to plotting large amounts of data.
  1. Excel makes it easier to share data with others as it allows people to quickly convert charts of data into a simple webpage.
  1. It helps students better understand the relationships between sets of numbers, through its quick ability to generate graphs and various types of charts.
  1. It has a diverse sets of such charts and graphs that can present to students, data in various ways that can help them to better understand data. Charts/graphs included; pie charts, line graphs, scatter plots, bar graphs, and more.
  1. It simply makes learning easier. Students can better make sense of larger sets of numbers and understand what the data means. They can take data and turn it into information which is important.
  1. Understanding Excel as a student will also give them a head start when they enter the business world. Almost all business use Excel in some fashion and it does not matter what industry they may be in. Companies use it for budgeting, for finance, marketing, customer data and so on. Just because a student may think, “hey, I’m not going into finance or becoming a math teacher”, does not mean they will not need to have Excel skills to perform their future job.

These are just a few simple reasons why students should learn Excel. Today, students are learning computer skills as early as Kindergarten and software such as Microsoft Word and Excel are not far behind in this learning cycle. It is unavoidable at this stage and the sooner students can begin to understand how Excel can be used, the better of they will be. Whether through school course or with various resources such as Youtube videos to hiring an  Excel consultant to help train you on the ins and outs and how Excel, learning Excel is very important and almost a requirement in today’s technological world. Also, when it comes to costs, Microsoft even offers discounts to students with their Student Advantage program that offers discounts for their entire Microsoft Suite.