Why Learning A Foreign Language Can Benefit You?

Why Learning A Foreign Language Can Benefit You?

As people say, the more languages you speak, the more times you are a human being. Each person is a unique representative of some community. Likewise, every language is a specific way of how different countries and cultures are represented in the world. Learning a foreign language is similar to discovering an unknown world. Nowadays, learning at least one foreign language has become task number 1 after getting education and finding a job, especially, for those who don’t live in the English-speaking countries. So, here we are going to discuss the reasons for and benefits of speaking the second language and why it is so important in today’s world.

World Statistics

Studies show that approximately a half of world population speaks two languages including their native and one foreign language. If you are from the United Kingdom or the USA, you may find this article useless because you may say: “Why should I learn any foreign language if at least one-third of the world population speaks English either like a mother tongue or the first foreign language?” And you will be right to some extent. Due to the fact that English is very popular, pupils in North America don’t have to learn any foreign language at all. Though if you keep reading, you will be able to see why learning at least one foreign language is worth it.

Need to Communicate at Work

If you run a business or work for a big company exporting goods or services, your work probably includes contacting clients and partners from various countries. Employees speaking a second language are always more appreciated than those who do not.

Moreover, some people’s work is directly related to foreign languages, for example, journalists, bloggers, translators etc.. Sometimes students just love to learn new languages so much that they make it their profession.

Studying Abroad

In today’s multilingual world being bilingual is not an advantage of the CV but a need to be able to keep up with the latest events. Studying abroad gives students a unique chance to both speak an extra language and get acquainted with one more culture. Exchange students learn the second language much faster as they soak themselves in the environment. If you are a student of some prestigious college or university abroad and have difficulty with the language at the beginning, you may ask a writing service to help you like this: “Write my paper for me cheap”.

Discovering a New Culture

Communication with the representatives of other cultures is a feature of the modern mobile and globalized world. When learning a foreign language, we also get closer to the culture. For this reason, it’s better to communicate with native speakers in their mother tongue to come in closer contact with them and to feel yourself as a part of the community. Besides, a person is feeling more comfortable when he is able to express his thoughts, ideas and emotions clearly to the interlocutor.

Finding Friends

Making new friends is really worth learning a local language. In the end, talking in the language of your friends may help you to better understand their way of thinking, life etc.

Moreover, if your relatives live abroad, you may need to learn how to speak a particular language or , at least, the most commonly spoken phrases. Here are the easiest ways to become fluent in the foreign language quickly:

  • Read books, articles
  • Watch movies, videos on the Internet
  • Listen to music
  • Taking private lessons, visiting the speaking club and other.


Those who are planning to move to another country to live or just for a holiday need to speak the local language or learn it. Integration into the local community is impossible without the contact with it. To settle you need to know at least some language if not a local one.  


If you still have doubts about whether speaking a foreign language have any benefits, you might see that your progress in learning a new language is usually defined by your interests and plans. Being at least bilingual is not only a useful point to be included in your resume but a real possibility to become successful, communicate easily with interesting people, feel comfortable in new environment,  when working, studying or living.