Why Learn MBA In Marketing

Why Learn MBA In Marketing

In the modern world, there is nothing that can make or break a person’s career like educational qualifications. Companies scour the field for worthy employees, even if there are millions of suitable graduates available. This means that a simple undergraduate degree is becoming quickly out dated, with the majority of candidates sure to have one of those. So how can one stand out? Read on to find out.

MBA in Marketing

Earning a Master of Business Administration degree is not an easy task- it is time-consuming and challenging, but that is exactly the point. MBA has long been a prestigious degree that offers competitive advantages over the other less advanced post-graduate degrees. Some other specialisations of the program include the International Business MBA and the likes, making it a diverse degree.

The main benefits of an MBA in Marketing program are that it offers specialised education in consumer behaviours, brand and product management, promotion management and selling strategies. Any ambitious company is always looking to expand, and MBA in marketing is a degree that focuses on that aspect. Employers drool at the prospect of an educated, highly qualified business graduate since they know that they are receiving an employee who will turn out to be an asset. An MBA also helps one further his career, and get that promotion he has always been gunning for.

The pay-scale of MBA holders are an incentive, too. MBA holders have been found to earn around $40,000 more per year than their less qualified counterparts, a sum which is even higher in many companies. Weighing in all the advantages and disadvantages, it seems like a wise choice to opt for a post-graduate degree in Business Administration.

Distance Learning MBA

Pondicherry University offers an MBA degree in Correspondence, much to the delight of the working population. The University started this program more than two decades ago, having entered the field of Distance Education to cater to the aspirations of students who otherwise could not pursue higher education in the on campus academic programs.

This degree is tailored to the needs of the students who cannot keep their careers hanging for the sake of a post-graduate degree. All the course material is sent to the student either by post or online, along with homework and assignments. The student needs to come on-campus only a few times a year, to attend the exams. With this program, working professionals can earn the degree they have always wanted, without having to keep their career on hold. Pondicherry University has been one of the most celebrated and awarded Universities in the nation, and enrolling for a post-graduate MBA degree could turn out to be one of the wisest decisions you have ever made.