Where To Study Food and Beverage Management Abroad?

Where To Study Food and Beverage Management Abroad?

The food and beverage industry is growing and witnessing some rapid changes in the last few years. People want to go natural. It doesn’t matter whether it is products with ‘Clear label’ or processed the natural way – organic products are seeing a rise in demand of as much as 10%.

For aspirants wanting to get a career in the food and beverages industry, going for a professional degree in food and beverage management is essential these days. The best way to start your own business or join the food and beverages company of your choice is by getting an MBA degree in food and wine from abroad.

 Here we have listed the best schools abroad where you can earn yourself a degree in food and beverage.

Bologna Business School

Being the oldest university in the Western world, the Bologna Business School is one of the leading institutions in Italy and the Europe. The course of MBA in food and wine gives the students a chance to come in contact with professionals, managers and entrepreneurs of the F&B industry which gives them heightened exposure in the field.

The course is conducted for 12 months where you can learn from international faculty and guest lecturers who are experts in the field. You will be able to get hands-on training as well as the qualifications to bring a change in your career. The school is located in the city of Bologna which is in the heart of Italy.

ESCP Europe Business School

Located in Italy, the school offers a master degree in international food and beverage management. The course lasts for a year, and English is the language of teaching, perfect for international students. The location of the school is also strategic, in the midst of food and cuisine culture and innovation.

The degree is perfect for anyone with a passion in food and beverage and does not need you to be a specialist. You will get proper exposure and training in various areas of the F&B operations including Sales, Marketing, Finance, Strategies and HR management.

You can look forward to a post of supply chain manager, business developer, product manager or brand manager after you complete the degree.

Sole 24 ORE Business School

This international business school is imparting education from the year 1991 and has acquired a good reputation. It offers many programs like Executive MBA, Master and part-time courses which are suitable students of different backgrounds.

You can go for the Master in Food & Wine Management program from this school, which is perfect if you want to work in the F&B industry. 90% of the teachers of the college are business consultants which give the student the most professional education possible.

You can join any of the universities and look forward to a promising career in food and beverage industry.