What Role Does Thesis Statement Play In An Essay?

What Role Does Thesis Statement Play In An Essay?

It does not matter, whether you are in a school or college, paper writing is going to be inevitable part of the curriculum. However, writing a paper requires one to follow the standard format and guidelines. Moreover, you need time management and writing skills to complete your term paper.

Apart from these, thesis statement is one of the crucial parts of an English language essay. In various parts of the essay viz. introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, thesis statement forms an important part. This guide will brief you some reasons on why thesis statement is so important to write an English language essay.

Importance of Thesis Statement

  • Informs The Readers About Purpose of Paper

Thesis statement helps the readers to understand about the purpose of essay. After reading the thesis statement, readers can grasp on what to expect from your paper. Make sure that you keep the thesis statement to be short and precise.

However, even the short statement should be able to communicate the readers about the general idea of your paper. Make sure that you include the thesis statement in first paragraph of your essay so that readers don’t have to wait longer to find out the underlying idea of paper.

Hence, make sure that you introduce the thesis statement at the beginning of your paper and the mentioned thesis statement is free of spelling and grammatical errors.

  • Ensures That You Stay On The Topic

Sometimes, while writing an essay or term paper, students go off the track and write the points which aren’t even required. Here, thesis statement helps you to stay on the essay topic. It is important that the facts and ideas you’re putting in the thesis paper is relevant to the essay topic.

In case you’re putting irrelevant details in your essay paper, the value or purpose of your paper might get lost. Hence, introduce the thesis statement at the beginning and keep on referring to it for correct flow of ideas on the given topic. In case you feel that you often lose your track while writing a paper, take help from professional writing services by visiting¬†thesishelpers.com/write-my-thesis-statement.

  • Paper Is Incomplete Without Thesis Statement

It is worth mentioning point here that research papers remain incomplete without thesis statements. In fact, thesis statement is one of the key points which your examiner will look for while grading your paper. Thesis statement works like a snapshot of the paper and it gives a synopsis of what next is to come in your paper.

Make sure that while writing the thesis statement, you introduce topic of each paragraph. Thesis statement should be structural and properly outlined. It should be direct and free of ambiguity. Make sure that your thesis statement can effectively communicate to the reader what is going to be introduced in the essay.

You can draw a thesis statement from the essay paragraphs; however, make sure that there’s no repetition of the sentences. In short, thesis statement is the gist and once the reader understands the thesis statement completely, reading whole essay may not even be required. This is because, only thesis statement will brief what all is there in the essay.


Hope this guide will help you to write a good research paper.