Ways To Make Your Dorm Room Safer

Ways To Make Your Dorm Room Safer

You can be a victim of theft both at home and at dorm. Simply, you can never be sure when it comes to the protection of your belongings. As you burglar-proof your front door and windows, you should make your dorm door more secure, as well.

Do not brag about your belongings

You meet a large number of people at dorm every day and you do not know most of them very well. So, be cautious, especially with people you have just met. Do not talk with them about anything that is valuable and that can be stolen. If you are careful in this way, you can just hide your valuables in your room. However, if you do want extra protection, there is a solution to this issue, as well.

Ways To Make Your Dorm Room Safer

Leave some items at home

The best way to prevent theft on college campus is to leave expensive items at home. Family heirlooms, expensive jewellery you do not need every day should be at your home. If you have large amounts of money, take money with you whenever you leave the dorm room. Or, have the money locked.

Always lock the door

Before we introduce you to the locksmith services that can help you if you do decide to have certain valuables in a dorm room, there is another crucial thing to be mentioned. Even though it is obvious, we cannot stress enough how important it is to always lock your room. If you are not sure, it is always better to return and check if the door is locked.

Buy a safe

If we are talking about the methods to protect your home, we would advise you to buy a good door lock. However, this is not possible at dorm. On the other hand, you can invest your money in a safe. Generally speaking, you will need two safes: one for the laptop and other electronics and other for the small valuables such as money and jewellery, advise at a reputed Sydney-based locksmith service. Additionally, you can choose among the safes with different locking mechanisms (a digital keypad, or a key-operated one).

Ways To Make Your Dorm Room Safer

College student content insurance

Content insurance for college students protects your belongings against theft and burglary, fire, flood, earthquake, electrical and water damage and other causes. So, it is highly useful to have your things insured. What you can insure are: computers and laptops, tablets, iPhones and other electronics, books, clothes and many more. In addition, coverage is usually applied on and off campus.

Identify the valuables

Content insurance is sometimes not enough. In order to identify the stolen items at pawn shops and other places where they can be sold, mark them. You can engrave something on them, or you can mark them with permanent marker. Take pictures of them and keep their serial numbers somewhere safe.

Be familiar with the disciplinary rules

If you do fall victim to theft, it is highly important to know the disciplinary rules in your state and in the dorm you are currently residing. Ask the resident manager how you can file a complaint and which steps they usually take in order to penalize petty thefts. Finally, try to find out how the resident manager has handled the previous cases of theft in order to understand the level of precaution you should take.

To sum up, the level of protection of the items depends solely on you. There are not enough safety precautions you can take, especially if it is your first year at college.