Types Of Non-Traditional Students Who Often Have More Success With Online College

Types Of Non-Traditional Students Who Often Have More Success With Online College

Some students are better suited for online classes than others. While there are plenty of traditional students who have found these classes useful, there are also a whole host of non-traditional students who excel with online learning. Those who fall into these categories can really benefit from taking their classes remotely.

Full-Time Employees in Online Classes

Some of the most successful online students are those who have to balance their classes around full work weeks. Of course, there is the obvious benefit that these individuals don’t have to travel to and from a campus setting in their already limited free time, but there are more reasons that help them succeed than just that. Usually, these students already know how to be self-directed. Taking on the responsibility of getting work in on time without a teacher isn’t often all that tough for those already in the workforce.

Current Professionals in Master’s Programs

Current teachers are, perhaps not surprisingly, generally good at dealing with master’s programs online. Since they often already have a significant amount of experience in their chosen field, they understand the basics of what they’re learning. They simply apply real-world study skills and knowledge to the theory taught in their courses, leading to excellent results. 

Military Veterans in Online Colleges for Military

Individuals who are still in the military—or who have recently gotten out—tend to excel at schools that are designed for those who have served. Not only are they in an environment with their peers, but they also tend to be taught by those who understand their experiences. This helps these current and former soldiers to not only better adapt to the world of education, but it allows them to use their skills in a way that helps them to succeed online. There are many online colleges for military members, so you can find one that suits you best.

Former Online High School Students in Online Universities

A relatively recent cohort that has found success in online classes are those who already attended high school online. Though many of these students make the immediate transition to college, there are now those non-traditional students who have nevertheless done a fair bit of their education online. These students succeed because they’re familiar with the structure and requirements of online classes.

Many students really do find more success online. Non-traditional students may navigate the online world better for a number of reasons including increased flexibility and experience. In some cases, their lack of experience in traditional classrooms really makes it easier to thrive online.