Top College Degrees for Science Lover

If there is one person who taught us that science is nothing but cool and full of amazing facts, it is no other than Bill Nye, who is dubbed as the “Science Guy.” The world of science is a broad field, and it tackles topics such as Astronomy, Physics, Health Science, and Biology among others. If like Nye, you also have this quenching interest in the world of science, you should  examine  this list of bachelor’s degrees that every science lover needs to check out.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Physics: If matter and energy are two things that fascinate you, then a bachelor in physics is a top choice for you. This degree covers different specializations including quantum mechanics and biophysics.  The common task of a biophysicist is to research about chemical components and genetic characteristics of a living cell.
  1. Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering: Another bachelor degree that fits for science lover is the field of chemical engineering. While some people are struggling in chemistry, there are those that are chemistry geniuses who can understand and solve chemical equations in a snap. This degree involves studying chemical compounds and chemical equations.
  1. Bachelor of Science in Astronomy: The Universe, galaxy, and extraterrestrial life are just some of the topics that can be tackled in BS in Astronomy. Many people have the childhood dream of living in the space. Well, guess astronomers can pretty much do that. They observe the creation of the earth in the universe, and then transfer the relevant information to the society. Aside from being one of the most exciting bachelor degrees, BS in Astronomy is also one of the most expensive.
  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Biology: If you are a science geek and a nature lover at the same time, then no problem at all. You can take the Bachelor of Science in Biology. Finishing this degree will give you opportunities to work as a biological researcher, nutritionist, biologist technician or a secondary Biology teacher. Biology also covers animals and plants’ life and functions.
  1. Bachelor of Science in Health Science: If you care about improvingt the healthcare industry and social health in general, then health science degree is the perfect match for you. Attaining this degree can land you a job in the health industry, as well as an educational position. For instance, you can qualify as a health educator at a local school in your area. If you care about your pocket as well, you can even get a tuition-free, accredited, online degree at the University of the People, which have launched their bachelor of health science degree this past march.

Science-related degrees are perhaps the most challenging and most respected degrees in the society. Hence, it is understandable why enrolling in one of its courses means fishing a hefty amount of cash from your savings. Fortunately, there are some colleges and online universities that offer free degrees to deserving people. Uopeople is one of the leading tuition-free online university in the US recently, and they offer Degree Programs like Business Administration, Computer Science, and Health Science.