Top 5 Skill Based Courses To Pursue After Class 12

Top 5 Skill Based Courses To Pursue After Class 12

Being a commerce or an arts graduate is too mainstream whereas skill based courses after 12th are a lot more interesting and offer better career opportunities. These short term courses are made up of courses relevant or related to the work you’d like to do. Courses counted towards other major requirements won’t be counted under skill based courses. If you are wondering what vocational courses do you have after class 12, you may refer to our list of the top 5 skill based courses listed below:

Top 5 Skill Based Courses To Pursue After Class 12

  1. Certificate Course in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a bridge that eradicates the gap between a brand and its customers, through online mediums such as social networking sites, email and mobile marketing, search engine marketing, blogs etc. The demand for digital marketing and digital marketing professionals is on a constant rise, making it one of the most searched jobs and services online. Keeping in mind this rising demand, many institutes have come up with short term courses into digital marketing.

  1. Hardware and Networking

Hardware and Networking courses  have gained momentum due to the ever increasing need for skilled professionals. In order to work with a top IT enterprise, you should be well versed with your hardware and networking skills. This can be achieved by getting yourself enrolled at a well known institute, as they provide good placements with the best companies in town.

  1. Graphics and Advertising

To analyze the need for graphic and advertising, all we need to do is take a look around us. The posters, hoardings that we see around us tells us, that without the evolution of advertising and graphics, we as consumers would not be aware of the products being launched in the market. It is the need of the hour and similarly the need for proficient graphic designers and advertising professionals has increased drastically. It is a good after 12th skill based course for those seeking a career into the the world of advertisements.

  1. Robotics

Robotics is a very exciting field to work in. It utilized the latest (AI) artificial intelligence technologies that gives you an insight into various automation tools and techniques. Working in robotics can be a bit challenging but if you are tech savvy and have a keen interest into it, do look for short term courses  into robotics and we’re sure the internet won’t disappoint you.

  1. Tourism and Travel Management

The travel and tourism industry has flourished dramatically, with people traveling in large numbers, hence it can be considered as one the best skill based course for students after class 12. This course also trains students on software’s such as Galileo, Sabre etc that are used by most travel agencies, to create an itinerary.