Top 5 MBA Specialisations With Great Scope

Top 5 MBA Specialisations With Great Scope

When as an MBA aspirant, you plan to take admission in an MBA course; there are so many options which can confuse you. There may be numerous factors that influence your decision regarding the area you wish to specialise in. Depending upon your skills and priority, you may choose a field as per the market demand, your interest area, preferred job profiles and the compensation package. Here is a list of top 5MBA specialisations which offer great scope.

  • MBA in Finance:

MBA Finance has a lot of job opportunities in the market. In this program, students are provided with the skills and knowledge of logical thinking, the concept of managerial decision continuous process, coordination process, centralised nature, and maintaining abalance between risk & profitability. A person who has pursued MBA finance can get options of working in security firms, investment banks, financial consultancies, merchant banking, international finance, no guarantor loans and many more. Apart from these, they can find many other jobs in thecorporate world. To attain more real-time exposure, one should pursue MBA in Finance from one of the top MBA colleges in India like BML Munjal University.

  • MBA in Marketing Specializations:

An MBA in marketing is considered very dynamic and competitive and therefore,it is one of the most desired MBA degrees. An MBA in marketing will not only help in enhancing one’s knowledge and skills in the field of marketing, advertising, and public relations but also makes a person a better consultant and entrepreneur. However, one needs to have brilliant communication skills, creativity, resource mobilisation skills, and an undying zeal to excel in marketing to pursue MBA in marketing. Specialisation in marketing can help accelerate entry in some of the most competitive fields and offer you fantastic pay packagesunder designations like sales manager, market research analyst,project managerand many more.

  • MBA in Operations

MBA in operations mainly deals with production management, learning how to maintain the process flow, as well as learning how to develop the inter-departmental and vendor relationship. With MBA in Operations, you can get jobs in profiles such as technical supervisor, product manager, general manager, and chief technology officer of a company.MBA in Operations also helps you to work in the fields of material and supply chain management, quality control, logistics, inventory control, and production planning and improvement.

  • MBA in IT

MBA in Information Technology is one of the most significant specialisations in MBA.Aspirants who have pursued MBA in ITcan work as a business development manager, system analyst, technical consultant,technical systems manager, consultant, project manager,manager, functional or process consultant.

  • MBA in HR

An MBA in human resources is for those individuals who want to develop a management career in HR and strategy. An MBA in HR teaches you the kind of skills managers need to bring in and holda strong workforce, from initial hiring to the actual training and development of employees. This includes training, recruiting, labour markets, international leadership, performance updates, employee policy, salary, benefits and increments, staff amenities, employee health and safety as well as team building. If a candidate has good communication skills and a magneticpersonality and isconfident and dependable, an MBA in HR can be just the thing. Moreover, graduating from one of the top MBA colleges canlead to themain role handling a company’s most crucial asset – its people.MBA in HR is a type of a job wherein the aspirants are required to managethe recruitment and selection of an employee, deciding compensation of the employee, training and development of the employee along withjob analysis and performance appraisals.

These top  5 MBA specialisations can give your career the edge it needs while also providing you with skills to stand out among the fierce competition for top business positions at many leading companies.