Tips To Run A Successful Internet Safety Workshop At School For Parents

Tips To Run A Successful Internet Safety Workshop At School For Parents

Online safety is crucial in this day and age because our children are growing in an environment where everything they consume has an erotic touch to it; whether it be music videos, magazine covers and so on and so forth.

How can schools contribute and more importantly what parents can do to protect their children from the intentional or unintentional viewing of porn? Schools are providing children with internet-enabled devices both on and off-campus which prevents them from viewing pornography whereas parents are the primary educators and should teach what real love and sexuality is all about to their kids.

Following tips on running an internet safety workshop for parents can be adopted by schools:

Advertise The Event On Every Possible Level

If the school has an email list for parents, they should let them know of a workshop through email. If there is a parent-teacher meeting, designate teachers to distribute personal invitations to each parent they meet. In short, market the event as much as possible and at through these channels.

Prepare The Kids

Parents upon attending the workshop should come home with the intention of putting whatever tips they have learned to practice. They should install filters and parental controls should be enacted. It is advisable that teachers inform children beforehand that their parents will be adopting protective measures for their own safety.

Advertising Should Be Focused On The Threat Lurking

Usually, parents will not accept that their children have become addicted to porn or are actively seeking it online, and the least of all attending a workshop called “hat to Do When Your Child is Addicted to Porn”. Assignment assistance can be sought in this regard. Thus, the focus of the advertising for the workshop should be on the dangers lurking out in the online world.

Invite A Speaker To Talk About Parenting

A vibrant speaker can really bring out the results. So invite such a speaker, who will talk to the parents freely and advise them on how critical their involvement is in what their kids do online or that their involvement will nurture their children’s character and the talk of the sort. You can have the event termed as “Parenting in the Internet Age”.

Leave Plenty Of Time For Q&A

Generally, parents will have a lot of their own questions to ask after having sat through the workshop. So keep aside enough time that they can ask practical questions about how to handle certain devices or that how to handle specific situations should they arise at home etc.