Tips For Improving Your Ielts Results By Improving Your Writing Skills

Tips For Improving Your Ielts Results By Improving Your Writing Skills

One of the most prestigious and widely conducted exam for non native English speakers is IELTS. Based on the IELTS Results, the admission of many students and jobs of many job seekers are dependant. There are four modules in this Calgary english language test and it is the right way to prove your English skills when you are seeking admission in the English speaking  countries. Among the four modules, every modules has its own importance and hence you need to be very careful when you are preparing yourself for the test.

In the writing test, you will basically have two tasks:

  • Task 1
  • Task 2

The first task will be for 20 minutes and the second task is for 40 minutes, which is all together for 60 minutes.

Coming to IELTS Academic, which is mostly for the admission into the universities and college in the English speaking countries. In this the first task is to write about a diagram, a chart, table, graph and you will have to explain about it. You can write the first task in the personal style. Now coming to the second task, you will have to write an essay or you will have to express your point of view on a topic. For the second task you will have to write in formal style only.

The general training exam in IELTS is for those who are opting for jobs in the English speaking countries. The first task would generally be to explain a certain situation and the second task would again be an essay writing . In the general training exam, you need not have to so formal like you should be in the Academic test. You can write in semi formal style.

Important tips for you

  • When you are going for Calgary english languages testing, then you should always go prepared. Make sure that you are doing your best to get the best score.
  • You should always be very careful about time in the writing module. This is the module which is going to take a lot of time of your among all the four modules as you will have to write it.
  • You should make sure that you are formatting the paragraphs and sentences that you are writing. When you are not formatting, then that is not going to look professional and hence there are more chances of you losing score. You should be very careful with this point.
  • You should always make sure that you are taking care of the word count. Do not write too much by wasting your time, at the same to do not write less as well. Try to wrap up the topic with the exact word count or a few words extra. Do not drag the topic too much.