Tips For Choosing The Best School

Tips For Choosing The Best School

Choosing the right school sets the stage for the rest of a child’s academic and professional future.  Simply sending a son or daughter to any school down the street may work in some circumstances, but definitely not always.  The key to choosing the best high school lies firstly in understanding the specific needs of the child. It also requires the parent to learn about the various options available.

Identifying a child’s learning style and performance is essential in choosing the best school for him or her.  For parents living in Perth, Western Australia there’s plenty of online information regarding the best schools Perth.  Spend some time browsing details online about:-

  1. A school’s history and achievements
  2. Mission, vision and values
  3. School policies
  4. Parent handbook guides
  5. Annual reports and improvement plans
  6. School curriculum and academic programmes
  7. Exam test scores

When it comes to school options, don’t miss out on the opportunity to observe a school in action.  This is especially important once the choices are narrowed down to a handful of schools. Plan visits to the school on a regular class day to observe teachers interacting with students in the classroom and students interacting with one another during class time.  Look out for orderly behaviour inside and outside the classroom along with the willingness from teachers and administrators to talk to parents.

Determine the Child’s Needs

Some children work better in a structured learning environment while others thrive in classrooms that allow students more freedom.  Check out a school’s curriculum and disciplinary procedures to determine whether the environment is a good fit.  Don’t forget to take a close look at other factors like:-

  • Whether a school favours group projects over individual assignments
  • Homework policies and learning styles

Is a particular school actively pursuing improvement or declining in terms of academic quality?

In many cases, choosing a school may boil down to the academic programme selection. Does a school promote sporting activities, drama, technology, cookery, science, business studies and the necessary skills needed for the workplace?  In addition to the school itself, practical factors must come into play for parents.  This generally involves transportation, can the parent drive the child to and from the school every day.  If not, finding a school nearby or one that offers or has reliable transportation links, is an absolute must.

Weigh the Options

Today, there’s no need for parents to limit their school choice.  Most areas offer a wide range of school options from private to public high schools, charter to Christian schools. Click here to learn more about the benefits of sending a child to a recommended Christian college in Perth.  Reputable Christian colleges in Perth have a reputation of providing students with a first class education.

Parents should also talk to their child about which school he or she likes and prefers.  While most parents have the final say, older children in particular will want to have their say too.