The Most Meaningful Jobs That Pay Well In 2016

The Most Meaningful Jobs That Pay Well In 2016

If you are a student trying to figure out what to do with your life, or are simply dissatisfied with your career situation and looking to make a change,why not consider something doing something meaningful? Statistics indicate that people who feel that they are working at a meaningful career are far more likely to find satisfaction in their work and in their lives overall. And, contrary to popular belief, doing meaningful work does not mean you have to live near the poverty line. Here is a list of some of the most meaningful jobs in 2016 that also pay really well.


77% of surveyed pharmacists feel that preparing and dispensing medications to people who need them is a worthwhile profession. With a median income of over $110,000 who would disagree?

Certified Nurse Midwife

What could be more satisfying than helping mothers bring new life into the world? A nurse midwife has to take quite a bit of training. But with a median income of $85,000, the time spend building credentials can be considered more than worthwhile. It’s easy to see why 98% of midwives find their work meaningful.


Surgeons run the gamut of specialization from neurosurgeons to heart specialists to orthopedics. They have a very specific set of skills that allows them to help people in ways that no one else can. A lot of time and money goes into developing those skills. The effort is worth the trade-off, however, as better than 90% of those surveyed can attest to high job satisfaction. And a payday of anywhere between $170,000 and over $600,000 depending on the specialty is not bad either.

Health and Safety Officer

This is a position that has been gaining ground lately, especially in places like Australia. As the title suggests, the position includes keeping an eye on occupational standards to make sure workplaces are safe for employees. Ultimately this ends up saving employers a lot of money in compensation and lost time as well. The median income for this position is over $63,000 and a high percentage of those surveyed reported satisfaction in their profession.


Every kid at some point in their childhood dreams of being a veterinarian. You get to work with animals all day long. And you get to help vulnerable creatures who can’t often help themselves. Many of us give up on this idea as we become adults because for one reason or another it just seems fantastical. But somebody has got to live the dream. It’s been said that veterinary school can be harder to get into than medical school, but with 89% of respondents confirming that it is indeed a dream job, the work to get there is well worth it. Oh, and vets make a median income of $73,500– not too shabby.


Getting the chance to help the mentally ill does sound like something that would be very rewarding. 92% of people in this career field agree. One must complete a degree in psychology and then go on for the masters in order to get a license for counseling or social work that would allow them to help people who are mentally ill or simply struggling with particular problems. With a median income of $197,000, it is rewarding in more ways than one.

Just because a job offers a high degree of satisfaction does not mean that it cannot also pay well, too. Likewise, a high paying job can be useful and have a meaning. In the world of work and careers, it is possible to have one’s cake and eat it too.