The Importance Of Sending Your Kids To The Right School

The Importance Of Sending Your Kids To The Right School

Education is extremely important for a child’s development. The quality of their schooling often determines what opportunities are available to them later on in their life. School is also a fantastic opportunity for children to socialise with others and to form a core friendship group which could potentially last for a number of years.

There are several things to consider when choosing a school for the children. Some of these considerations are to do with the child, and some of these are to do with the parents. Follow this helpful guide to making sure that choosing a school is as stress-free as possible for parents, and that the final outcome benefits the children.


The location is one of the most important considerations for parents when looking for a new school. If parents are giving their children a lift in the mornings, then it may be inconvenient if the school is much more than half an hour’s drive away; this commute could potentially make parents late for work. A long commute can also disrupt children’s sleep patterns because they may have to rise early in order to start the journey. Many schools have a catchment area which means that pupils are only accepted from within a certain mile-radius.

Choose a school which is easily accessible by car or by public transport. Alternatively, choose a school which provides its own transport.


Parents should weigh up whether they want to send their children to a free state school or to a fee-paying school such as Kingsway Christian College. Carefully draw up a budget in order to decide how much can be realistically spent on a child’s education. Paying top prices does not always guarantee a top education, so make sure to do some thorough research.


School facilities are extremely important when it comes to selecting where children will receive their education. Compare several different schools before making the final decision. A school with fully-equipped science laboratories, sports fields and a well-stocked library is more likely to give children a rounded education than a school which seems to be lacking in facilities. Visit to see a school with excellent facilities.

Quality Of Teachers

Assessing the quality of the teachers at a school is an important step towards making the final decision. Many parents will not have the time or not be able to see teachers in action before sending their children to a particular school. However, make sure to ask head-teachers whether it would be possible to sit in on a couple of lessons to see how well the teachers are performing.

Quality Of Communication

It is important that schools communicate effectively and professionally with parents. If phone calls or emails are going unanswered during the selection process, this could be a sign that the school is inefficient.

Use this guide as a checklist when deciding on the best school to send children.