The Big Bang Cosmic Code: A Marvelous Journey Into The Microcosmos

The Big Bang Cosmic Code: A Marvelous Journey Into The Microcosmos

With the evolution of Universe, the cosmological science was encountered with the Big Bang theory. It traversed the fantastic journey into the microcosmos and what drove the Universe. The Big Bang also redefined quantum physics and outstretched human state of mind to the far reaches of space & time.

For those who are unfamiliar with with the Big Bang assumption, that took place 13.7 billion years ago, it is an event that led to the evolution of the Universe -including space, time, matter and energy.

What David Birnbaum says about cosmic code?

Independent scholar and astrophysicist David Birnbaum cracks the cosmic code. In his Summa Metaphysica‘s Potentialism Theory, he explained natural cosmic dynamic is rekindling and driving the Universe and making it eternal.

How the Big Bang theory breached the fundamental Physics? 

Big Bang did not make time

Time is not a concept but is regarded as a measurement of rate-of-change. It suggests difference of time between two events. The alteration is that variation between the state of play known with Event A and Event B. That change equalizes into time computation. Event One happens at a time set-apart from that of Event Two. Event One if it’s the origin of Event Two, must have happened before Event Two. Event Two on the other hand, can be the grounds of Event C, and so on.

Big Bang didn’t make space

The research, which is partly founded on Einstein’s theory of relativity, was produced states that by destroying the individuality, the hypothesis prognosticates that the universe had no natural event, and it always existed in quantum potential before it collapsed into Big Bang. Other theories also suggest and support this concept that the universe stays static, rather than expanding and had its existence before Big Bang theory.

Big Bang didn’t make matter/energy

According to Professor Stephen HawkingFor millions of years, mankind lived just like the animals. Then something happened which unleashed the power of our imagination. Mankind learned to talk and we learned to listen. 

He opined events do not happen in an arbitrary manner.

Big Bang can never create virtual particles such as energy as we all know energy can neither be created nor destroyed, its the transformation of energy to fundamental quantities and the virtual particles that can decimate each other and return back into energy.

Big Bang wasn’t a pinhead effect

If we travel back to millions of years ago, we will find that our universe was contracting. The standard hypothesis says when the Universe achieves a quantity diminutive than the petite subatomic molecule during when it has boundless compactness in zero volume – okay, maybe as close to infinite density and as close to zero volume as makes no odds.

The regular or conventional conceptualization of scientific disciplines of constructing a mathematical hypothesis cannot resolve about the evolution of the Universe and the reasons it should be there. Summa Metaphysica‘s Potentialism Theory throws a flood of light on the beginning of the Universe and its evolution.