The Best Educational Models For The Leaders Of The Future

The Best Educational Models For The Leaders Of The Future

Have you ever heard that parents complain about their children’s learning or claiming that they have a severe problem? If so, we want to explain a little about why these situations happen. The reality is that it is not a problem, what happens is that you are not receiving education in the right manner.

Fortunately, at present, education is diversifying for every student, in some schools of Mexico they are opting for alternatives that focus on students and encourage them to be better leaders. There are a few educational institutions that specialize in certain models of education, in the same way there are many other institutes as well that follow different models. Next, we will mention some of the models we have in Mexico.


This teaching system was created in Germany. In this model, students have free time to perform activities, through a competitive environment students are encouraged to develop their autonomy and confidence, in addition to reinforcing the sense of responsibility, forge the criteria and empathy.


This system was created by the Swiss psychologist and biologist who gave it the name. In this method, the stages of cognitive development and their behaviors are recognized. In schools, students are expected to develop their intellectual and emotional side, fostering social integrations. So that students develop with logical thinking. Each student must discover knowledge individually and internally, without sacrificing their relationship with the environment and their peers.

Competency-based model:

This model has been supported and supported by UNESCO authorities who say that the model is closest to a life in the classroom. It is based on the student’s dedicated engagement in different fields, knowledge is acquired based on experimentation instead of memorization. Its holistic nature integrates aspects such as values, emotions and attitudes that boost its ability to respond and resolve problems in a conscious and reflective manner.


The most popular of all, this model is the result of Italian philosophy, which is followed by the concept of independence and freedom encouraging students’ autonomy. Unlike Piaget, this model focuses on the practical aspect of behavioral psychology and proposes earlier stages. The guiding axis is the naturalness with which the student builds his learning.

Undoubtedly, these are some general aspects of the most recognized educational models in Mexico. If your child experiences some difficulties for a “normal” learning it is possible that he is not being educated with the right model, it is possible that you have an artist studying mathematics.

Fortunately in our offer of courses abroad we have high schools in which their educational systems are based on innovative methods focused on the needs of students, in addition to this, we have complementary courses such as summer camps that contribute to student development. We cannot tell you what the best method is, that decision will depend on you and will be linked to the needs of your children. What we can say is that we have a wide range of courses abroad where your children can have fun while they learn.

We have academic exchanges for high school and high school students, in high-level academic schools that complement their studies with additional activities that ranges from sports, arts and social engagements. On the other hand, we have summer camps in the friendliest and safest countries. In these courses your children can take English classes and meet a destination, thanks to the fact that all our camps include tourist trips to the most emblematic sites of each destination they visit. If you have questions with any of our products or services, we invite you to visit our branches. One of our experts in educational tourism, will help you choose the best course for your children.

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