The Basics Of Good College-Level Essay Writing

The Basics Of Good College-Level Essay Writing

If you are a student who is about to enroll in college, you surely have some experience with grammar, paper organization and sentence structure. However, college-level writing is nothing like the previous tasks you have received before. Essays assigned to college students come at various forms such as narrative, argumentative and descriptive essay, all of which require a different approach and of course, lengthy amount of time.

There are some general rules that apply to every college-level essay. When writing your essay, the most important thing to pay attention to is the instructions from your professor. Additionally, in order to write the best custom essay and do it perfectly, you need to learn the following basics of good college-level essay writing.

1. Spelling and Grammar

Every student is well acquainted with the basic rules of the English grammar. However, grammar and spelling errors are still very likely to occur and unfortunately, professors will always deduct points for such simple mistakes, regardless of the quality of your essay.

Make sure to proofread the essay several times before submitting it. Students often use tools such as Grammarly or spell checkers in order to save time, but there are many grammar errors that can only be detected once you proofread the text.

2. Structure

Every paper you deliver in college must have a clearly set structure, which means that the content you write should flow from one idea to the next one. In order to achieve this, you should use transition strategies where needed.

Once you are done with a thought and you want to continue with another one, make a connection between the two sentences. For example, you must finish your introductory paragraph by outlining the main ideas of your essay and each of the following paragraphs should focus to the sub-points of this key idea.

If you learn to argue all ideas and sub-points clearly and achieve sentence flow, your essay will be easy to read and understand. When all this is done, you should end with a concluding paragraph that summarizes the arguments you discussed before. Sometimes suggesting future action is a great idea for the conclusion, too.

3. Language

A college essay should come in the form of a high-quality piece of content, which means that you must use formal language in these papers. When doing so, try to avoid slang, colloquialisms and even instances where you express your opinion. In the cases where this is not required by your professor, never start your thoughts with ‘I believe’ or ‘I think’. The point of a college essay is to present an argument and outline it without referring back to yourself.

There are some cases where less formal language is acceptable, such as narrative essays. If you are quoting other people, you may use an informal language, but try not to sound like you are telling a story to a friend.

Make sure that your college essay sounds convincing, informal and well researched. It is best to read the paper aloud prior to submitting it in order to ensure that all sentences are written in a proper language and make sense.

4. Sources

Plagiarism is a serious mistake that no professor will tolerate. With the advance of technology, professors are now abler than ever to detect even the slightest bit of stolen content in your essay, which would instantly result in a bad grade.

Researching includes reading other people’s content, especially one that is related to the topic of your paper. Additionally, using sources in the essay is requested and crucial if you want to create a strong argument, which means that you simply must use at least something other people wrote. However, if you decide to use any sources in your essay, you must always credit them and do so by using the citation style required by your professor.

Writing college papers is not as big a challenge as it may seem as long as you follow some basic rules. Research and writing skills develop as the student evolves and with little effort, you can write excellent essays in no time!