The Advantages of Being a Student

The Advantages of Being a Student

Studying at university comes with all sorts of challenges: you’ll have to manage your budget, getting through a term on only the loans and grants, available, and what you can earn in part time work – which cuts into your study time. You also need to meet your deadlines, and understand the difficult concepts your tutors are introducing to you. Failing to keep up to speed could lead to serious problems later, not least disappointing the family who have worked to help you get a place at a university and may not understand the pressures you’re facing.

On the other hand, being a student comes with a lot advantages that go a long towards making up for the pressure. Let’s take a look at them today!


For many students, going to University is their first experience of living away from home. This means you the chance to set your own hours, and pick your own food and do the tidying that suits you, rather than being forced into the parental routine.

Of course this additional comes with an important rider: the freedom to screw up. If you don’t learn quickly how to balance your life and your budget you’ll find yourself spiralling out of control. As long as you can muster the discipline to set a routine that works for you and lets you serve all your responsibilities you’ll really get the most out of the university experience.


When you move to a university, you’ll find the local businesses are keen to capture your custom. From takeaway pizza to travel, you’d be surprised at the businesses that will offer a special rate. You might even find that as a student, storage companies have discounts that make it well worth your while using them!

When you have a tight budget this could make all the difference – knowing where you can flash your student ID to get 10% off a pizza could mean the difference between dinner with friends and a lonely night at home with another bowl of pasta.


Perhaps the best thing about going away to study is that it’s a chance to start over and reinvent yourself. Unless you happen to be studying with friends, no one will remember your embarrassing nickname or your unfortunate fashion choices, and you’re free to decide who you want to be.

If you always wanted to tread the boards but felt too shy at home, college or university is a great chance to let out your inner thespian, for example!