Studies Free Of Charge: Where Is The Catch?

Studies Free Of Charge: Where Is The Catch?

If you have a strong intention to study abroad, look for free-of-charge opportunities.As a matter of fact, many countries do provide for those, as a teaser for foreign talents to apply. But what if there is something that can totally downplay your winning free education ticket? Well, let`s start from abc 24writer .

Where to Study Free of Charge

Europe usually asks no fees from the foreign students originating from the European Union. Such countries as Norway,Denmark, Austria,Sweden and Germany are among the lucky ones.The rest of the Western Europe, though charged, are offered good discounts, and their fees traditionally don`t exceed the annual average of EUR 1.000 – the fees that seem fantastic to some European countries like, say, Great Britain where the standard tuition charges make around EUR 12.000 yearly .

If striving after free education, better avoid the east and south of Europe where universities habitually do ask for fees. As an example, Poland will ask you to pay EUR 3.000 annually, while Estonia will require regular contributions to its university budget additionally to the tuition fees of approximately EUR 2.500 a year. Besides, the rates are much higher than those in the west of Europe – compare with Spain where charges usually don`t exceed the annual EUR 1.000.

USA also welcomes the foreign students free of charge – not everywhere, but the geography is continuously extending as supported by the federal government. In many universities and colleges, excellent students are provided scholarships covering travel, food and accommodation.

The Australian government, though typically not catering for free education, is extensively encouraging the foreign students to apply for their studies by generous grants aimed to cover all the study fees in full. The government program is very strong, and the education potential is forward-looking.

In China, a highly prospective Asian country, foreign students are offered a 12-month curriculum totally for free. Pity but the Chinese government doesn`t provide for more than one-year free educational programs.

Looking for a Tuition-free Trap

Strange as it may sound, but usually the countries that offer free-of-charge education have the most expensive food and accommodation. In fact, your everyday living-related expenses can make you, a tuition-free student, as poor as a church-mouse. In order to avoid such misfortune, investigate thoroughly the living standards in the country of your studies: perhaps, your free-of-charge tuition will be brought to naught by mountainous living costs. In such a case, it could be even better to opt for paid education, but spare on much cheaper accommodation. For example, to give up studying in Norway for free, but save EUR 1.000 monthly, and instead pay a yearly EUR 2.000 for studying in Latvia where your accommodation won`t exceed EUR 300 monthly.

You`d rather exclude Great Britain from your list of search, as this country has both high tuition rates and high living costs.

Start hesitating about your firm decision to study abroad for free? You shouldn`t – better seek for a good scholarship instead: this will help you cover all your expenses, including the overheads. Remember that there are numerous grant programs worldwide, and everybody can apply. So, why not try yourself.

About the author: Liza Sage, an independent writer covering study-related topics. Liza has her BA in the English Language and Literature and speaks Chinese and Spanish fluently. Liza is a keen traveler and experienced across-Asia backpacker.