Spend Half The Time Learning and More Time Earning

Spend Half The Time Learning and More Time Earning

As mentioned on this site in previous posts, there are a number of careers you can enjoy, earn a great living doing, and start with less than two years of college.   You could go from flipping burgers to flipping houses and making a killing each year in no time.  And with Baby Boomers retiring at a staggering rate, careers in the service, medical and financial sector are booming.  One of these overlooked fields is massage therapy.  Training might take two years, but you can make hundreds of dollars an hour as you gain experience and a name for yourself.   And in some cases create your own brand.  Sure it takes a special personality type to do this.  You want to be calm and gentle with people, and dedicated to improving their wellbeing.  Just remember to focus on your bottom line at the same time.

And, you can do this in the comfort of some pretty spiffy digs.  There are many Fortune 500 companies that keep a therapist on staff.  And you’ll find them working on land and at sea on the top cruise ships around the world and other exotic outposts.

But to do it, you’ve got to love it.  Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life, it’s said. But if you must work at something, reflexology is the way to go.  This is definitely one of those courses you can finish in less than two years and make scads of money.  And the more you specialize, the more money you are likely to make.

Clients come to you, especially with sites like Groupon Coupon pushing the local providers.  Say you want to try reflexology in Phoenix and don’t know where to go.  Just enter your location in the search box on the Groupon Coupon site, and a neighborhood salon will pop up.  Just like that, a client will have a coupon good for as much as 50% to 60% off.  And they can refer others to use it too.  New companies offering customers these amazing savings have gone viral virtually overnight.   It’s crazy how these opportunities exist and so few take advantage.  Look around for a community college or specialty school near you that offers a complete course in therapy or something that teaches what you’ll love doing.  You’ll never have to work again.