Sharing Few Information Related to MCA

Sharing Few Information Related to MCA

Guys I am here to elaborate few points for students who want peruse there career in MCA as a Master of Computer Applications.

Sharing few information related to MCA colleges in Delhi.

First we need to know following things:

What is MCA?

Advantages of MCA degree?

Who can join this course?

Available MCA colleges in Delhi?

How to Join?

These are the few basic questions which come into the mind once be talk about MCA program. These are the very basic questions.

Here I will explain each points clearly for you guy’s to make your career in this field and live happily life.

MCA: Master of Computer Applications.

From the abbreviation it’s very clear what it is. MCA is a course in which students, who are interested to pursue their career in field of IT – Software field can join. This is a Master degree program, here students learn about the computer programming languages and computer designs.

What is MCA?

Master of computer applications or (MCA) is a Postgraduate (Master) degree course in computer applications. Computer Applications includes the computer architecture designs and computer programming. In these course students learns about programming languages like C/C++, Java, .NET, Database etc.

Advantages of MCA degree?

The Master of Computer Applications or MCA is a three-year Postgraduate degree course that is equivalent to a Master of Technology course. MCA is designed to produce Masters who have the necessary skills and knowledge not only in computer and information technology, but also in communication, organization, and management.

MCA students can start their career in either Government sector or private sector as there are ample of opportunities available in both the sectors. This degree helps the students to get a sound knowledge on computer applications with the help of which they can have a perfect launch for challenging career in IT sector. MCA is a pure computer software learning program which includes programming and computer architecture designs.

Who can join this course?

Most of the students doing their Bachelors education think that science students alone can apply for the MCA Program. But, this is not true, even commerce students can also apply for the MCA Program. The only eligibility criteria in most of the colleges or universities offering MCA Program are that the applicant should have studied mathematics in their SSC & HCS level. So, commerce students with mathematics as a subject in their SSC & HSC level can easily apply for the MCA Program.

Available MCA Colleges in Delhi?

Most of the colleges have the MCA programs in Delhi. MCA provides a very good platform to students who are willing to pursue their career in both sectors either on Public or in Private.

If I talk about Delhi/NCR, here more than 2000 MCA colleges (included government and Private) are available where you can pursue. Here I am listing out few top colleges for MCA on Delhi:

*This list is evaluated and compiled from many media sources like websites and publications (online/offline).

International Institute of Management, Media & IT

Academy of Technology Management – Global Business School

Advance Institute of Management

Amity Institute of Information Technology

Apar India College of Management and Technology

Apex India Vidhyapeeth

B.M. College of Technology & Management (BMCTM)

Bharati Vidyapeeth University Institute of Management & Research

Cosmic Business School

Here I have stated only few colleges’ names. If anyone would like to know about the colleges can contact further with us.

(Specifically if I talk about only Delhi excluding NCR there is 38 colleges for MCA). But you know whenever we talk about Delhi NCR is a part of that. SO you can imagine the available opportunities.

Short of things explained there hope to grab great audience and response over it to facilitate you with more knowledgeable posts.

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