Series 24 Examination Is Tough But Prep Tests Are Helpful

Series 24 Examination Is Tough But Prep Tests Are Helpful

The series 24 examination is the toughest FINRA exam. What makes it so challenging? Well, the exam concentrates heavily on supervision of trading, market making and investment banking. In general, majority of candidates appearing the series 24 exam supervise an OSJ (Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction) or their firm needs them to obtain series 24 Registration for some professional reasons. It may be because they may probably be needed to supervise their company’s investment banking or market making activities.

Prerequisites for series 24 examination

  • The candidate must pass the series 62 exam, before taking series 24
  • Candidates need sponsorship of one FINRA member firm for taking series 24

Where to appear for series 24 examination?

Series 24 examination can be scheduled anytime in a listed exam centre in your locality. Carry an ID card with your photograph on the exam day. Scratch paper and calculator will be provided at the exam centre.

Format of the question paper

Series 24 examination is provided on touch screen computer (PROCTOR system) in multiple-choice format.

Each test has 150 questions chosen randomly from thousand questions test bank. Test time limit is of 3 hours and 30 minutes.

How long to get series 24 test results?

As soon as, you complete answering the questions and click on ‘submit for grading’, wait for a few minutes. Your grades will be seen on computer screen and a paper copy will be given by the organisers of exam centre. A score of minimum 70% is required to pass series 24 Examination.

Preparation for series 24 examination

Everyone’s way of learning differs but there are some steps that every candidate needs to take for success in series 24. Reading series 24 textbook completely is absolutely essential, so as to pass the exam. Many candidates watch video classes and take test prep, which helps them to be successful in series 24 examination.

Experts recommend that candidates need to spend minimal 50 – 60 hours for series 24 exam prep. Moreover, the exam has to be scheduled one week after the candidates complete their prep test.

Series 24 examination prep software is made available to help candidates master the skills. It also provides an extra insight on ways to pass series 24 Examination with an ace.

Tips to become better test taker

  • Read full question and answer choices
  • Use process of elimination of wrong answers
  • Make a firm decision, no second guess (stick to your instincts)
  • Identify symptoms
  • Pay attention to hedge clauses

(Note: The series 24 Examination may use NMCES, NASDAQ or NASDAQ Market Centre execution system to describe NASDAQ execution system, so candidates are recommended to look at these terms as the same)

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