Role Of Visual Aid In Educational Institutes

Role Of Visual Aid In Educational Institutes


Visual aids help teachers to explain crucial concepts to their students. They are one of the excellent and tested tools for circulating information.

Role Of Visual Aid In Educational Institutes


The use of visual aids in educational centers has remarkably increased in the past couple of years. Interactive learning has replaced conventional teaching techniques that rely on passive information flow. Visual aids are essential tools that teachers and instructors use to boost the learning process. Institutional resources such as notes, books, and blackboard are the typical forms of visual aids. Other examples include television, CDs, newspapers cuttings, flashcards, and other audio-visual aids.  In short, any material or object that can be utilized to explain an idea efficiently qualifies to be a visual aid.  Visual aids come with many benefits to both the teacher and students.

The Two Main Benefits of Visual Aids to the Teachers and Students

– Helps Students Understand Vital Concepts

– The Best Attention Seekers

  1. Helps Students Understand Vital Concepts

Visual aids come in many forms to help students understand a given topic better. Visual aid helps teachers to integrate classroom teaching with real-life experiences and situations. Students manage to relate their school learning with what is happening in their day to day lives. For instance, if a teacher wishes to explain a concept of adjectives to her students, she can show emotions of various expressions such as sad, happy, and anger.

  1. The Best Attention Seekers

Efficient visual aids bring a distracted class back enabling the students to focus on a particular topic. Therefore, a teacher can control her students with much ease. Visual aid also adds fun to teaching. For example, a teacher can use a globe while explaining how Vasco Da Gama first reached India. That is more engaging than reading the same from a textbook. A teacher can also use worksheets to reinforce the central concepts that the students learned in the past.

How to Use a Visual Aid Effectively

The manner in which the teacher uses a visual aid will determine its effectiveness. A teacher can only develop a potentially successful learning process by integrating the visual aids with the learning goals. For instance, showing your students a photo of a tree while explaining a road safety topic may seem hilarious, but it is futile. However, you can make it a relevant visual aid if you show a vehicle smashed into the same tree. Visual aids can be used in all fields of study including general science, economics, and marketing.

Common Audio-visual Aids Used in Teaching

Audio-visual aids are one of the best methods used by the teacher to disseminate knowledge. There are many audio-visual aids that you can utilize in the classroom. However, they should not distract your students’ learning experiences. Currently, most of the students are learning attitudes, skills, and facts from programmed lessons, recorded words, televisions, and pictures. Media is more often used as a catalyst for transmitting crucial information. Media refers to such things as exciting computer games, TV, audio communication, photography, and graphics.

The Role of the Teacher

The teacher must play his or her role well when using visual aids. That is the only way she can meet her teaching objectives. As a teacher, you have to master five crucial points while using the visual aids:

-A teacher needs to practice theory while planning all teaching activities including laboratory, and field works.

-The teacher should lead her students to individualized and independent learning using a mobile device, TV lessons, and much more.

-A teacher must guide the students and make them active participants in the entire learning process.

-A teacher also needs to learn the use of different visual aids and media applications.

-A teacher also needs to adopt various techniques for analyzing and solving problems.

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