Reasons For The Denial Of Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Reasons For The Denial Of Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

You cannot predict what is going to happen while you are working. Unfortunately, we see many people involving in accidents while working. Sometimes it occurs because of our own carelessness and sometimes because of the companies and other employees’ negligence.

When you suffer from the workplace injury without your fault, it becomes necessary to claim for the compensation. It is very difficult to handle the case as we need to go through a long procedure. Moreover, we don’t have a 100 percent chance to win the case.

And what else than going for a good professional lawyer becomes the best option available. It is always suggested to take help from the expert lawyer to claim for your losses. There are many cases where your company denies paying for your compensation. Click here to know more about the reasons why company denies for the work-related injury claimed compensation.

You should have evidence so that the insurer will not question about your claims. Some reason why insurer denies the workers’ compensation

Unwitnessed injury

If you are injured, then it is an obvious question from the insurer to ask you if somebody has seen your accident. When an accident occurs, you should immediately inform it to your manager and co-workers. You should have consistency in describing how your accident took place.

Late report about the injury

The insurer does not trust you if you do not report your injury immediately. They believe that the injury is not severe enough to be claimed for. In most of the compensation claim laws, it is mentioned that the injury should be reported within a short period of time. If you are seriously injured and want to get your compensation, then report right away to get the benefit.

Discrepancy between accident report and initial medical reports

You need to be consistent in telling your story to your co-workers, supervisors, and doctors. If you tell one thing to your worker and another thing to your doctor, then this will definitely weaken your case.

Medical reports indicate the presence of illegal drugs

After your accidents, you go for the medical and if you encounter the presence of illegal drugs in your system, then the insurer will right away refuse your claims.

Claim the compensation after being fired from the job

You have to file the claim immediately before you are fired from the job or else there is nothing you can do about it. Late filing will make you difficult to convince your insurer.

Refusal of giving recorded statement and medical authorizations to the insurance company

The injured employees do not have the legal obligations to give the recorded statement and sign medical authorizations. And failing to do so, make your insurer deny your compensation for not submitting the required documents. In this case, it is suggested that after you sign documents, report it to the workers compensation attorney without delay and let them deal with the insurer.

Companies are always looking for the reasons to reject your claim so you need to hire the best lawyer to deal with these cases. You should collect evidence that will support your case which will allow your lawyer to help you get the right compensation.