Proven Study Habits To Make You An A+ Student

Proven Study Habits To Make You An A+ Student

As attractive as it sounds, becoming an A student does not happen easily and overnight. Instead, it comes hard by mastering and applying many principles like the principles of john locke. You will need to invest time, commitment, efforts, and lastly develop habits to help you achieve your academic goals. The reason why habits come into the equation is that they can either make or break your study efforts and potential. Since you live in the real world, by the time you have landed in college you know some of your colleagues at primary or secondary school who dropped along the way. Some of you can remember that guy who was a genius but due to his habit of keeping wrong company, he ended up in drugs and dropped out of school.

Therefore, it is important to know that if you embrace positive study habits, you can make it to the A+ club. Remember, it is not just about being academically gifted that will guarantee you success in your study life, no. Your habits will also help you to have a defined and structured way of approaching your study more smartly. So, remain with this post to learn more about the habits that will help you to succeed in your colleague studies.

Never Stop Revising

The first habit you should inculcate into your bloodstream is constant revision. You don’t just need revision as a way of passing exams, no. Instead, you should keep revising to internalize the things you learn in class. Revision will amplify what you had overlooked in your previous sessions or what you could have missed during classroom lectures. Revising is another way of acknowledging the fact that we are all forgetful humans with a limited memory that needs to be supported through constant reminders. That is why experts say if you want something to sink into someone’s mind for life, You need to repeat it to them at least 15 times. It sinks even deeper if you do it at different times and under different settings. To help you improve your revision process, here are some tips:

  • Spend enough time researching a given topic or getting interesting facts about it on the Net
  • Watch online documentaries and educational videos on the subject matter. People remember the things they watch more than they do mere facts or text
  • Take time to talk through a given topic with your classmates. This way, they will not just help you to remember it, but also to see it from a different perspective

Have a Designated Study Space

All high-stake mental processes require a conducive environment to take place successfully. If you want to succeed in your study processes, you need to set up a place where you can study peacefully. When choosing such a spot, it is needful to do so with distractions in mind to avoid them. You should choose a place devoid of all human and nonhuman distractions to ensure that your productivity is not curtailed.

Take Detailed Notes

Your success in your study processes is incomplete without proper notes. The reason is that your notes are your primary tools for capturing the things you learn in class and during your private study sessions. If you fail here, you will have issues in other habits such as revisions. The reason is that notes are more specific and they reflect what you have understood about a given topic. Therefore, it is prudent to master the art of note taking and do so whenever you are interacting with any new material—both online and offline.

Do Things on Time

This habit does not mean you do things in a hurry. However, if you want to make the most out of your time, it is necessary to do things at their ideal time. Once you receive an assignment, you should begin working on it immediately. If you keep waiting until the last minute, you will lack enough time to do things carefully. This way, you end up in a panic mode that makes you vulnerable to many costly and avoidable mistakes. Additionally, being an immediate responder to assignments allows you to plan your work so that you approach it in a more organized manner while optimizing your limited time.

Ask and You Shall Receive

Only a fool believes it is foolish to ask for help when you need it. If you want to succeed in your study, you should embrace the habit of asking because he who asks receives and learns. Never entertain the notion that if you ask your teachers questions twice you are dumb. You should never fear asking since even your tutors themselves know you are in college to learn from them while they are there to earn from your ignorance! So, allow the professor to do his job and ask the right questions. Also, don’t forget the power of asking your classmates because they too know something you may not know.

Learn How to Read Fast

The next habit you should develop in your college life is reading fast. Reading faster is not equal to reading in a hurry, no. It simply means you can make the most out of your study moments. For instance, if you want to glide through the pages of your books, it is prudent to start by reading the table of contents of what you are going to learn. This way, you approach the rest of the content with an idea of what you should expect. This way, you stand a higher chance of reading and retaining more of the things you read.

Study Together

If you want to be an A student, you should form the habit of exploiting the power of communal study. If you want to tap into the strengths others have, then it is necessary to interact with them on that front. In an experiments carried out on students at the University of California at Berkeley, the researchers discovered that those students who approached their class work in groups performed better in those subjects than those who did not. In the research, the university studied minority students with Asian origin and compared them to other students with similar academic backgrounds. The American students with Asian origin performed better because they are used to a closer communal lifestyle that allowed them to approach problems communally.

Get Organized

Organization is another habit you should incorporate in all your operations. Remember, nothing significant ever comes from a disorderly arrangement. Therefore, keep your study materials in an orderly fashion to allow for easy access and use.

Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

If you want to go through your college life successful, embrace a sober life. You should avoid alcohol and drugs since they have a serious health effect on your body and mind. For instance, hooking yourself to these substances will affect your memory and impair your learning ability.

Do you still want to be an A student? If you do, then you have every reason to inculcate these habits into your college study life. The ball is now in your court to do the right thing and keep your dreams alive.