Prevention Of A Kid From Being Bullied

Prevention Of A Kid From Being Bullied

It turns into a nightmare for a child to go to school or even towards the bus stop on their own when they are bullied. The aftermath of bullying is quite devastating on the psychology of the person being bullied, and can lead to a lot of deep emotional scars that do not go away for the times to come. A lot of suicides have been reported in the schools and colleges as a cause of bullying. The children must be made aware of the ways to tackle and prevent bullying being done to them, for which the parents play a pivotal role.

Bullying is that kind of teasing which becomes constantly hurtful and unkind to the victim, either physically, verbally or even psychologically. Nowadays, a lot of cyber bullying has surfaced as a devastating kind of bullying, where social media or SMS is used to spread gossips and rumors about the victims. If identified at the right time, it can certainly be prevented from becoming a life threatening activity. Many schools and celebrities have stepped forward to take a stand against this teasing. Some of the strategies to prevent a child from being bullied are as under.

Discuss And Share Experiences:

When you make a habit of talking to your kids about bullying and share the experiences of the other members of the family who had been bullied, your kids will feel more confident. If they open up and share their own experience as well, do not shut them off. Show them support and praise them for being confident and brave enough to have trusted you with their situation. Additionally, talk to the school authorities to know of the different policies they have regarding bullying and how the teachers and the other staff members can be of help to the victim.

Eliminating The Gadgets Or Other Stuff:

Sometimes, the students complain of a bully snatching their lunch money or their gadgets. In such a scenario, eliminate the bait that the bully is after, by packing the lunch for your child instead or not carrying the gadget to school. This can help to neutralize the situation to a great extent.

Use The Buddy System:

When two or more than two friends are around, they are less likely to be bullied than in a situation when the kid is all by himself. Make your kid aware of the buddy system, and tell them to be with their friends when they are near their lockers or the bathroom, it could be anywhere they are afraid of a bully taking over them.

Ignore And Walk Away:

Sometimes, a bully strikes a weaker kid in order to be noticed. In such a scenario, the best step for the kid is to not lose his cool and tell the bully to stop and leave the place. Someone who is not affected by a bully is in a better position of being safe from a bully’s scorn.

Bring The Bully’s Parents Into The Picture:

If all else fails, talk to the parents of the bully in front of the school officials, who can serve as a mediator and assist you in taking control of the situation.

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