Places of Religious Significance in Maharashtra

Places of Religious Significance in Maharashtra

Maharashtra, aside from having a large number of alternatives for a traveller to experience, additionally brags of a various religious places within its limits for different convictions. The state is incorporated by the most immaculate cities of India which are home to some beguiling and interesting temples in our nation. Whenever you visit Maharashtra, don’t simply restrict your contemplations to Bollywood or Khandala, for there is an excellent celestial side too to it.

Maharashtra has 24 cities in its kitty and you still do not know about most of them and what they are famous for. Here’s a little rundown of three primary cities of Maharashtra that hold quite a religious importance due to their amazing gathering of quaint religious sites.


Nanded is popular for some Sikh shrines, mosques and the religious vitality the town pulls in a great number of pilgrims consistently. Not only that, Nanded is also known for some Hindu temples. It is said that Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth guru of the Sikhs settled into Nanded as his last home and broadcasted himself the last Guru of the Sikhs. Consequently, he set up the sacred book, the Guru Granth Sahib, as the sole code of life for all Sikhs. Other interesting and well known religious destinations in Nanded include the Masjid of Biholi, Kandhar Dargah, Gurudwara Hazur Sahib, Sachkhand, etc. Do not expect much direct Delhi Nanded flights plying from the capital of India to this city, since there are rare air routes between them. Travelling by train the best method to reach Nanded.


A religious outing to Nagpur will resuscitate one thoroughly. The most celebrated, Balaji Mandir in Nagpur is a beautiful temple where the brilliant image of Lord Balaji hails far and wide. The 11 ft tall icon of Balaji in this shelter is perceived to have been found in the midst of an uncovering in the year 1888 and is made of a lone black stone piece. Another prevalent sanctuary in Nagpur is the Dragon Palace Temple, a buddhist haven that looks like the lotus blossom as an eventual outcome of which this spot has been known as the Lotus Temple of Nagpur.


Being the fourth biggest city of Maharashtra, Nasik has particularly some of the most renowned religious sites to its fame, out of which, the most stunning is the Trimbakeshwar Temple in the town of Trimbak, Nasik. The other engaging religious spots fuse names like Panchavati Temple, Naroshankar Temple and Sundarnarayan Temple. So if you happen to depart from Delhi, you may not effectively discover immediate Delhi to Nasik flights. So arrange your excursion ahead of time to make vital courses of action. Go for the rail mode instead.

So take your share of the divine blessings from the almighty and have an extremely merry trip. And yes, if you have some extra time, go take a stroll around Mr. Bachchan’s Jalsa or King Khan’s Mannat! Jai Maharashtra!