New Hotel Jobs In Calgary

New Hotel Jobs In Calgary

Calgary city is the third most populous city in Canada and the most populous in Alberta province. With its scenic physical features, Calgary records some of the highest tourist turn overs in Canada. This tourist hotspot has seen with it an incredible increase in the number of jobs.

The various world-class hotels in the city are in constant need for highly skilled personnel. This is to say that individuals with the right qualifications are highly treasured and favored. Some of the top rated employers in the hotel industry include:

  • The Hyatt Regency Calgary
  • Sheraton Suite Calgary Eau Claire
  • Acclaim Hotel Calgary
  • Hilton Garden Inn Calgary Airport
  • Delta Bow Valley Hotel

Anything from caterers, receptionists to waiters and waitresses, these mega hotels facilities have it all. You only need to have the right documents, experience and skills.

Since the late 1980’s, jobs in Calgary have taken a completely different turn. From the known oil and gas economy to a diverse, more complex setting defined by different sectors. In this complex economic mix, hotel and tourism industries have thrived greatly. The industry creates a third of the whole economy’s new job opportunities.

Employment trends in the hotel industry

Calgary city is Alberta’s fastest growing employment hotspot. With numerous world-class hotels, this city has plenty jobs. According to Statistics Canada, the hotel industry in Calgary contributes up to 30% of the overall new jobs in the city.

The industry also has the lowest rates of unemployment throughout the country with Alberta’s unemployment rate hitting the lowest mark in decades; 3%. Hotel industry in the city of Calgary contributes a lot towards this low unemployment statistic.

Opportunities in the hotel industry

At present, there are several job opportunities in the industry. In this creative piece, a quick summary of some of the currently available positions is detailed. Consider applying if you have the right support documents.

  • Front desk agent

This vacancy is available in one Dimension 3 Hospitality Corp. If you have the zeal to work in a friendly environment then consider applying early. You only need to be hardworking and creative. That’s all it takes to win this position. Take note that income is on an hourly basis.

  • Administrative assistant

This position is available in Acclaim Hotel Calgary. You want to identify with a team of professionals committed to quality in the hotel industry, then this is your one and only chance to join that dream team.

  • Message therapist

Banff Lodging Company is seeking someone who is an expert in this art. If you have the necessary skills and experience for this position then send your papers early enough.

  • Reservation and revenue manager

If you are outstanding in accounting and reservation practices, you are the right candidate. Companies throughout Calgary are seeking individuals like you.

Jobs in Calgary’s hotel industry are plentiful; proportionate to the number of hotels in the city. The terms of service are also very friendly. If you have the necessary skills, experience and support documents then Calgary is all yours.