Know the Real Facts about Solar Power Systems

Know the Real Facts about Solar Power Systems

These days, many people want to install solar panel at their residence. However, due to few myths people often hold back their decision. In this article, we will discuss about few myths and the real facts, so that it helps people to take right decision.

Myth 1: People think that the cost of solar panel is too high, which will take much longer time to get its full return.

Fact: There is sufficient data available, which can prove that you will be able to realize the full cost of your solar panel within the period of 4 years. Besides that if you buy any good quality of solar panel then it will give you service for about 30 years. During this period you will continue to get pollution free uninterrupted power supply for your house.

Myth 2: To obtain solar power it will create more pollution in the environment.

Fact: When we use solar powered system then almost 50 per cent of your electricity requirement is taken care of and due to that reason, you eliminate considerable amount of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. There are plenty of data available from National laboratories of the USA, which proves photovoltaic cells avoid plenty of carbon dioxide and provides clean source of electrical energy. Therefore, if you use solar energy for obtaining electricity for 30 years then you will create much lesser air pollution.

Myth 3: Solar energy is too expensive for long term usage

Fact: As a matter of fact if you buy a properly designed solar panel then it is the best investment of your life. You will get returns on your investment at the rate of at least 12 to 15 per cent in a year. As the rate of electricity increases, this rate of returns further increases. Also the value of your property gets appreciated after installing a solar panel.

Myth 4: With the help of Batteries, it is possible to store more energy than solar system.

Fact: Batteries are too expensive and bulky item, which also need to be replaced after every 5 years. On the contrary by using the solar panel, your system will generate excess power, which you can feed back to your power supplier, who will give you credit for that. You do not need to replace anything in your solar panel in order to run it for longer duration.

Myth 5: During power failure, solar power remains ON, which may pose danger

Fact: When power failure occurs, the grid tied system also cuts off. Therefore, there is no danger as many people think. When the electrician fixes the line they can safely do their job.

Myth 6: During winter season solar panel may not work.

Fact: As a matter of fact your electronic circuit will perform better during winter months as the environment temperature is much cooler as compared to summer months. Though due to less amount of sunlight the solar energy will be lesser, but it is sufficient to provide electricity.

Myth 7: Solar panel needs too much maintenance

Fact: Since there are no moving parts, there is not any major maintenance requirement other than periodic cleaning.