Know The Bail Bond Working Because Bad Times Come Unexpected

Know The Bail Bond Working Because Bad Times Come Unexpected

In case of doing any crime, the criminal is arrested and taken to jail as per law. Thus the person will undergo the procedure, fingerprinted and then will statements. While waiting in court, the suspect shall be under arrest in jail and will be released on bail.

What is Bail?

A financial arrangement done by the agency on behalf of criminal defendant is known as bail. The agency helps release the suspect from the jail with exchange of money and it could be in the form of bond, assets or cash. This value of exchange is decided by the court.

Further during the court dates, agencies decide on the individual arrival at the particular time. This surety is signed in a bond and amount is paid in full. However, some courts allow 10 percent of down payment for suspect release.

Working of Bonds and Bondsmen

The bail bonding agency charges a certain amount of fees to release suspect on bail. Bondsman charge a usual fee of 10 % of the amount needed for bail. This is a non refundable fee even if your case is closed.

If the defendant does not turn up on time in court, then the bondsman can sue the defendant or can hire bounty hunter for tracking the defendant. The agency will also recover unpaid money by declaring assets of the defendant.

Release options –

  • Cash bail
  • Surety bond
  • Release as per personal recognition

Surety Bonds

This is an alternate to cash bail. It involves guarantee as per the insurance company that satisfy the value of bond. The agent gives a guarantee that the defendant shall pay on time. This assurance is made with respect to Surety Company owned by bail agent.

Cash Bail

This is a bail that requires the whole amount to be paid in cash. The cash is in custody of the court until the case is closed and defendant attends all the dates. This involves signing of full cash bonds and if defendant attends all court schedules, then the cash is returned in full.

Personal Recognizance

In this procedure, the employees interview the defendant and make commendation to court for releasing them. This is without financial security. The employees interview the defendants and make recommendations of release. The interview is on the phone with inquiry of the defendant. There is no involvement of verification.


Collateral is a valuable finance for securing bail bond. Collateral is returned after the court closes defendant’s case, all fees are paid and bail bonds are cleared. Some of its examples are –

  • Houses
  • Jewelry
  • Credit cards
  • Signature
  • Cars
  • Boats
  • Electronic equipment

Time to Release from Jail

The two types of jail are county jails and city jails. County jails are maintained by county sheriff while city jails by police department of the city. In case of city jail, it takes almost an hour for release on bail due to the procedure like photograph, fingerprint, warrant, etc. In case the defendant is in county jail, the procedure takes almost 2 – 6 hours for release.

The county jails time could be minimized for release, but due to the operations as per system it is time consuming. Choose bonds San Diego county CA for assurance of support all time in need.