Keeping College Students Safe In and Out Of Campus

Keeping College Students Safe In and Out Of Campus

College is the gateway to adulthood. For some teens, this is a phase where they can make decisions for themselves for the first time. They feel freer and they feel they have what it takes to conquer the world. But all these require a great sense of responsibility.

A huge chunk of responsibility is making sure you are safe at all times—on campus, in your apartment or boarding house, or in your favorite hang-out. Crimes against college students should not be taken lightly. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 88,444 crimes were reported to college and university campus police in 2012. Of these reported crimes, 96.8% were property crimes, and 3.2% were violent crimes. Out of these incidents concerning property crime, 80% are larceny-theft followed by burglaries and motor vehicle theft.

When it comes to security, you can never over-emphasize the critical importance of prevention. And one way to prevent or deter crime is by subscribing to technologies to keep college students safe. Among these technologies are security systems that act like the modern “big brother” watching over us. Most security systems today do more than just monitor or sound-off alarm in case of emergency, they also give full control to the users in such a way that users can program it to their needs, lifestyle, and expectations.

To keep college students safe wherever they are, evaluate the different types of security systems available to address different types of situations.

Install a reliable Security System

Keeping College Students Safe In and Out Of Campus

Universities and colleges should be required to install a reliable security system in their premises. Students should feel safe in their campuses as much as they feel safe in their homes and personal sanctuaries. With a security system, student safety will be at front and center of school operations. Offenders will be easily apprehended and will be discouraged to commit crimes on campus and against students.

Dormitories and boarding houses must also be equipped with a security system. They are, after all, a student’s home away from home.

Modern security systems such as the Honeywell security system do more than just monitor or conduct surveillance. They also allow remote access of real-time videos via a mobile device connected to the Internet. Honeywell security kits can also be armed or disarmed remotely and programmed so that it alerts the user via text message that something unusual is happening in his or her property. The Honeywell alarm system is also connected via two-way communication system to the security command center for quick dispatch in case of emergency.

Keep Out, there’s a Door Alarm

Keeping College Students Safe In and Out Of Campus

The door is the first line of defense in any dormitory or apartment. There are even times when a student occupies a single room in an apartment with other tenants. This is why a door alarm comes in very handy. Depending on the model, the door alarm has different ways to communicate an unauthorized entry such as a siren, lights or vibration. During these dangerous times, it is not enough to just close and lock the doors.

Track everything with GPS

Keeping College Students Safe In and Out Of Campus

There are several GPS tracking devices and applications out there. These apps or devices help families or authorities reach students quickly in times of emergency. For example, if the student doesn’t check in when he or she should, the device alerts pre-determined emergency contacts and provides a location. This may seem like not the kind of stuff for college students, but remember that no matter how old you think you are, you are still babies in your parents’ eyes. And frankly, there’s nothing wrong with giving your loved ones some peace of mind.

Apart from personal safety, GPS tracking apps and devices can also help students find stolen property such as a car or a mobile phone.

Bring along a Portable Alarm

Keeping College Students Safe In and Out Of Campus

Students these days are among the biggest market for anything portable. They like anything that can do great things but still fit in their pocket.

If you can bring along three or four multimedia devices at once, a portable wireless alarm shouldn’t hurt. You can take it with you on campus or during study sessions so you can always arm or disarm your system remotely. Wireless portable alarms can protect entry and exit points in your apartment or even your locker in school.

Your Own Home Manager

College students have to deal with the fact that mom will no longer be there to pick up after them, annoyingly remind them of their tasks, and make them feel like they have nothing to worry about.

But what if one day you forgot to turn off your lights, close the garage or lower your thermostat? You may not have your mom shouting reminders at you but you can always rely on an alarm system to do the work for you. Honeywell security system can double as your home manager. With its home automation features, it will help you manage electrical appliances at home so you escape the hassle and even save on energy.

Security in the ID

“No ID, No entry” has taken on a new turn. IDs no longer just serve as identification but also provides a layer of security. Universities and colleges must invest in an ID system that promotes integration with existing campus management systems as well as ensure secure login in networks and databases. It must also have security features that are tamper-proof.

Apart from security, some ID systems also enhance convenience by utilizing it to check out books, purchase meals, and even get cash from ATMs.

Download a safety app

Apps also form part of the whole security system network. In your mobile device, save some space for a personal safety app that will give students a sense of peace and comfort. When walking back to dorms in the middle of the night, students are no longer defenseless in a dangerous situation. They can just click on that app and notify emergency contacts that they could be in danger. Apart from this, some apps can also store emergency numbers, medical records, and so on.

College students have this preconceived notion that they can take on anything. True, they can be whatever they want to be, but taking on bad guys and handling bad circumstances do not need academic achievements. Emergencies demand alertness and preparedness. Visit an alarm system store now and see how they can help you.