JavaScript Training – What Newbies Need To Learn

JavaScript Training – What Newbies Need To Learn

Javascript is basically a programming language that works on the client’s side whose processing engine is embedded in the web browsers such as Firefox, Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc. This allows the processing engine to read and then interpret the web pages that contains JavaScript code while browsing.

JavaScript primarily made its appearance in year 1995, even though by that time it was known as Livescript. However, later on the name was changed to JavaScript.

JavaScript programming was made-up to add more amazing features to the HTML pages. HTML on it’s on is quite boring and it cannot do much besides merely displaying a webpage. JavaScript, on the other hand, can offer a number of amazing features such as perform calculations, enable users to interact with the webpages, manipulate webpage elements, perform form validations, enables dynamic functions, provide excellent visual effects, and so much more.

All of these features offer users to the website with an enhanced user experience. As JavaScript programming language is a client based language, all of these features are available to the users in real time without the browser having to refer to the server every time. This prevents time delays and also increases user satisfaction.

Some of the great aspects you can enjoy with JavaScript programming are:

  • Perform Calculations

Javascript programming language can be used to perform simple as well as advance level mathematical calculations. This is particularly beneficial if you want your users to interact with your website by inputting some information that demands some kind of calculation and displaying relevant content based on the results.

  • User Interaction

The JavaScript when written on a Webpage can take interaction from a user and can perform a specific function by way events.

  • Performing Form Validations

JavaScript can easily validate and check the inputs given by the user to determine if it confirms to a specific requirement or not. If any sort of error is made by the user, an alert is displayed so that the user can correct the mistake on their screen.

  • Manipulating Webpage Elements

With JavaScript, users enjoy the feature of changing the style or content of a webpage upon user interaction by the way of the events mentioned above.

  • Dynamic Visual Effects

The programming language has a host of ways to offer dynamic visual effects to a webpage that other than the server based programming languages cannot.

JavaScript is a programming language that has a lot to offer. Being a newbie, you certainly would like to learn more about it, and the best approach in this regard is to enroll yourself in JavaScript training sessions. JavaScript training sessions would certainly help you learn better, starting from the basic level to the advanced level, and helping you have a command on JavaScript programming language in no time!