Is Your Toddler Getting The Best Care Developmentally?

Is Your Toddler Getting The Best Care Developmentally?

The care and guidance that a child receives during the developmental years is of the utmost importance. That is why the nursery school you choose should be designed to bring out the best in your child. In order to make sure that you choose a school that ranks high in this respect, you need to make a checklist. Use this checklist to help you make a more informed decision regarding your child’s nursery school. For example, the checklist should include the following:

  • Does the school offer a developmental program that is designed for children six months to five years old?
  • Does the school embrace a holistic approach toward guidance?
  • Do children interact with their peers in a safe and friendly environment?
  • Does each child receive a bespoke learning experience?

In addition, the teacher-to-student ratio should be low for individual age groups, as follows:

Baby Classes

These classes, which are designed for children from six months to two years old, should have a maximum teacher-to-student ratio of 1:4. Teachers in baby classes concentrate on assisting children to use creative expression.

Toddler Classes

The teacher-to-student ratio in toddler classes should be 1:4. The daily programme for these classes for two-year-olds features physical, engaging activities.

Nursery Classes

The best nursery in Dubai should maintain a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:6 for children two to three years old. You will find that this ratio is much lower than in many other nurseries. Low ratios enable educators to support the individual needs of children more proficiently. In return, a child becomes better socialised and develops more quickly.

Foundation Classes

A foundation class should also offer a teacher-to-student ration of 1:6. Foundation classes help children progress and prepare for their initiation into school. New concepts are learned and the emphasis is placed in developing the skills needed to succeed academically.

What Is the Commitment Level of the Teaching Staff?

Your checklist should also question and evaluate a school’s plan for intellectual development. Teachers with impressive educational and teaching backgrounds should also be a part of the staff. A school should feature a staff of teachers who are committed to careers in early childhood education.

In order to follow up on your checklist, arrange a tour of the nursery school to gain a better insight. Review the website and programmes for the school before you request a tour. You can get a better idea of a nursery’s operations by reviewing the interaction of the children with the teachers. Review how each age group of classes is managed. Look at the faces of the children and teaching staff. Are they happy? What is the nursery’s environment? Do you feel welcome at the facility?

Don’t overlook the importance of matching your own criteria to the standards of a school. By taking this approach, you will find it easier to short-list your nursery choices.