Improving Your Job Hunting Experience Through A Job Board Aggregator

Improving Your Job Hunting Experience Through A Job Board Aggregator

There are many job boards popping up all over the internet and it is becoming increasingly challenging for candidates to find quality site to look for work; entry barriers in creating sites of this nature are quite low but there are quite a few indicators to define the ideal job aggregator.

Through an aggregator, the candidate has an opportunity to search a variety of jobs on one platform and get good results within their industry. Of course this all depends on the algorithms of the particular aggregate and how many sites they are collecting posts from. Candidates need to be extremely cautious of applying to duplicate posting and expired positions.

An aggregator that is steadily gaining a reputation in the South African jobs recruiting industry is a website called Zigo has helped many job-seekers find their ideal jobs and it aims to list every job available and posted online in South Africa. The Zigo aggregate is also expanding into the US and Europe.

A site like Zigo can easily spare a jobseeker time and money because the simply create an account, upload their CV and begin to apply to positions. Many South African industries require rare talents and skills and by making their CV available on a site like Zigo, the headhunting process becomes much easier. Exposure is becoming increasingly important for candidates as many employers continue to headhunt candidates and build a database to create a talent pool.

It is very important for candidates to continually update their CVs and profiles on a regular basis, add new skills, courses and your recent positions. The secret to ensuring that your CV turns up in searches means that you have to update it on a regular basis. In addition to this, has a database of recruiters who are constantly.

Aggregators have transformed the way we look for jobs, and the main leaders in this revolution are the users and jobseekers as they are the trend drivers in the technology and in the investment recruiters choose to make in recruiting fresh talent. In the coming year [2016], recruiters will be faced with positioning their brand, improving the quality of the candidates, growing the talent pipeline and expediting the hiring process. Try Zigo today and look for the recent Zigo Jobs in Pretoria today!