How to Structure your Dissertation

How to Structure your Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is not easy considering all the little details it has in its structure. That is why we have decided to help you and show the dissertation structure. Read on!

The structure of the thesis is one of those things that make it a complicated work. There are many chapters to include, and all of them are equally important and have their own specific goal. Only if you understand their significance and ultimate goal behind each chapter, you will be able to compose a decent piece. So, how should you structure the thesis? You can learn about this in our article.

What chapters should the thesis have?

The list of chapters in your thesis will be quite extensive, and you should be ready for that. There are chapters which are there for the organisational purpose only while others contain the main information regarding your research and its findings. So, let’s go over each of them.

  1. The title page.
  2. The abstract.

This is a summary of the whole thesis which should not be longer than one side of an A4.

  1. The acknowledgement.

Here you should mention those who helped you to compose this dissertation.

  1. The author’s declaration.

Here you should mention whether this thesis corresponds to your degree as well as whether you have used any of the material inside this dissertation before.

  1. The introduction.

Introduce the readers to the central idea of your dissertation.

  1. The review of the literature.

Summarise what materials you used in your research and give credit to their authors.

Explain the research philosophy and paradigm so that readers can understand how you will achieve the ultimate goal of the dissertation.

  1. The results.

State what results you have achieved at the end of the day. Either introduce the readers to numbers or add other information to illustrate what you have achieved so far.

  1. The analysis.

Here you should mention the qualitative and quantitative data of the thesis.

  1. The discussion.

In this chapter, you need to specify the general findings of the current research as well as your examination of the results of the study and its limitations.

  1. The conclusions.

Summarise the findings and significance of this thesis.

  1. The future work chapter.

Mention what else can be done in this area and how the next generation or you (if you are planning to) can do in this area.

Mention the sources you used when working on the dissertation and cited.

Here state the sources you used but did not cite in the thesis.

  1. The list of figures.
  2. The list of tables.
  3. The list of accompanying material.

If you have anything like the CD you want to submit along with your thesis, mention it here.

  1. The definitions.

In this chapter you need to explain any terms, the readers might have difficulties with.

This is another version of the “Definitions” chapter, only called in other words.

This is the average structure of the thesis. We hope you will find this information helpful and share with your friends. contains much more interesting articles about essay writing tips.