How To Prepare For IIFT Exam Tips

How To Prepare For IIFT Exam Tips


MBA offered by Indian institute of foreign trade (IIFT) is a six trimester administration program that spotlights on global business for adding to a skillful unit of business officials to meet the nation’s developing necessities for prepared staff in the field of International Business Management. IIFT is acclaimed for giving great learning background as well as the secure fate of understudies by giving 100% situation. That is the reason the antagonism here is harder than whatever other MBA passage test. Because of a horde of CAT takers, filling a couple of thousand seats is a typical thing in IIFT.


To prepare for an IIFT exam, first you have to comprehend the components of IIFT exam such as what will be asked to you and how, etc. Essentially, IIFT exam is a mix of questions covering:

English Comprehension: In English comprehension, you will be judged through two ways one is verbal skill in which grammar, blanks, spellings, Para jumble, speech, synonyms, etc. are included and the second one is reading ability in which a few passages with questions will be asked. Therefore, it’s better to practice English as much as you can.

General Knowledge (GK): Questions of GK retrieved from history, mythology, geography, films, awards, sport science, industry, banking, politics, society or any current affair of this world. So better keep an eye on everything latest and famous.

Logical Reasoning: Most interesting field for both takers and givers in which you have to use your logics in queries like selections, directions, deductions, input & output, linear word formation, series analysis, etc. Main idea of using logics is how frequently your brain works.

Quantitative Analysis: Quantitative analysis generally related to your math problems that you have studied in your school or previous studies like, numbers, logarithms, height & distance, time & work, permutation & combinations, SI & CI, etc.


Generally, IIFT exams can be conducted in two ways, one is with paper and pen that is mostly for MBA exams and the second one is online that especially organized for CAT exams. Collecting knowledge and keeping in mind is not enough to get success in an IIFT test as main success strategy is how you can use this knowledge and how fast you can convey it precisely. IIFT exam pattern can help you understand this exam’s some more aspects so that you can prepare yourself from each and every side for that some essential pattern points are mentioned below:

  • First aspect is to understand duration that is mentioned over your question paper and you have to complete your exam within the given duration. So prepare your mind for a decided duration, e.g. of two hours genuinely in IIFT exams.
  • Four sets in the form of A,B,C,D will be there with different questions so that students sitting close to each other can have different matter to concentrate.
  • IIFT MBA placement test has no altered number of inquiries. For an appraisal number of inquiries can be from 115 to 130 in IIFT passage test.
  • Another element about this test is that there would be shifting number of inquiries in distinctive segments with differing stamping framework in the scope of 0.5 to 1.

These are some essential points to keep in mind while going for an IIFT exam, but remember, there are many other aspects with one main goal that is to get success.