How To Obtain Your CISA Certification

How To Obtain Your CISA Certification

Many, if not all, businesses nowadays conduct most of their business online and rely on tight security to protect their classified information. Whether it’s government documents, trade secrets or just sensitive documents, companies have information that needs to be limited to a specific audience. In a world fraught with constant security risks, knowing how to identify, eliminate and safeguard against future breaches makes you a valuable asset to large and small businesses alike. A certified information systems auditor (CISA) is responsible for risk management solutions, but requires CISA certification before he or she can manage technology and business systems. Obtaining this certification takes time but enables you to work with virtually any industry.

Interest in the Field

While anyone is capable of obtaining his or her CISA certification, you first have to demonstrate interest in the field of cyber and technological security. In this day and age, everyone is taught about internet security, or they learn about it through their day to day internet use. Not keeping your information secure could get you into trouble, and if you’re someone who is constantly on the cutting edge of new security measures or even devising your own, you might be a perfect fit for security audit work.

Know Your Management Systems

Before you think about certifications, you need to do some research into the different facets of risk management. Unfortunately, there are many things that pose risk to a business, and as a CISA certified auditor, you need to be able to identify and respond appropriately to each one. Ranging from fraud control management to purchasing and supply chain management, every part of a business is exposed to its own unique dangers. Additionally, you’ll need to be familiar with various development and deployment methods, as it’s not enough to simply identify the problem. You must be prepared to offer effective solutions as well.

Taking the Exam

In order to obtain your CISA certification, you need to take the CISA exam. Fortunately, there are many ways to prepare for this exam, some of which can be done online and through specialized training sessions, depending on what fits with your schedule. The exam is intensive, thorough and constantly updated to reflect changing technologies. Take advantage of training courses and manuals that include practice exams. These will provide you with the best possible look at what the exam will include. Look for training modules that include information on auditing technology systems, governance and management of various information technology methods, protection of information assets and disaster recovery topics, among others. The more information you can get and learn before testing time, the better.

Opening Doors Everywhere

Taking the CISA exam and obtaining your certification introduces you to becoming a globally-recognized expert in the field of information technology and risk management for various industries. You’ll be able to aid any business in recognizing potential liabilities within its company and help devise solutions to either recover from an information breach or prevent one from happening in the first place. Be someone businesses can trust with their most private information and know that you’ll make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.