How To Avoid Looking Like A Dork On Campus

How To Avoid Looking Like A Dork On Campus

So you’ve just arrived on campus and you’re a little nervous about fitting in. Will people like you? Will they hate your accent? Are you dressed right? If you’re wondering how to avoid the pitfalls of social suicide on campus, here are a few tips to get you off on the right foot.

How To Avoid Looking Like A Dork On Campus

  1. Leave Your Letterman Jacket At Home – When you were in High School, it was probably a status symbol to wear your letterman’s jacket. It identified what group you rolled with or indicated some level of accomplishment. On a college campus, it just indicates that you’re hanging on to your high school days, which can seem a bit sad. Embrace your new campus and buy some new school spirit gear that reflects your new life.

  1. Don’t Sit in The Front Row In Class – You may be eager to make a good first impression on your professor, but your grades can do that just fine. There’s no need to look over eager, your classmates will hate you for it. Make some friends.

  1. Don’t Be “Giant Backpack Guy” – The first sign of a dork…and someone that is going to have back problems is someone who carries a giant backpack with all of their books in them. It’s ok to go back to your dorm from time to time through out the day. You don’t have to pack like you’re going on safari. Additionally, for the most part class is for lecture and books can remain at home for studying.

  1. Don’t Be “Rollie Backpack Guy Either” – Rollie backpacks are just nerdy. There’s nothing more to be said about that!

  1. Avoid Being A Highlighter Hound – It’s important to study and be diligent about working hard, but there is no need to highlight everything that you read. Not only is it not helpful, but its also annoying during book buyback to try and find a book that doesn’t look like its bleeding yellow blood. Take good notes and highlight only when necessary.

  1. Laundry and Library on Friday Night – Part of being in college is about learning to be social. Hiding out in the laundry room or library on a Friday night is just sad. Get out and experience college. You only get to do this once. The laundry can wait.

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