How Smartphones Can Negatively Affect Students?

How Smartphones Can Negatively Affect Students?

Smartphones are more than just a simple two-way radio telecommunication. They can be used for a variety of purposes, both positive and negative. This gadget, which was basically introduced to bring ease into our lives, has become a cause of depression for the parents who are worried about their kids as youth spend most of its times on smartphone playing games, using social media, surfing internet, downloading so-called cool apps, and much more to the extent that it not only affect their physical and mental health but also their studies. What’s worse is that they do not allow their parents to install parental control apps on their devices claiming that it is a violation of their privacy. Let’s find out how this gadget is affecting our future generation. Do not forget to share this information with your kids as its time to make them realize the consequences of their careless attitude towards smartphones.

Distract Students     

Smartphones are obvious academic distractions and many students habitually bring smartphones in the class and in the library. As a result, smartphones could become a distraction for other students, because the loud ring tones can startle anyone who is preoccupied with their study. Even soft chimes triggered by social media notifications could become a nuisance, because they could appear quite frequently. Even if the smartphone is put in vibration mode, the owner can be diverted and loses his/her concentration. Modern smartphones have gigabytes of available storage and it is possible for students to quickly download apps and store videos whenever they want. Academic distractions could get worse, because developers continuously release interesting apps and games that are originally intended as exciting distractions. In the middle of the study session, students could decide that they are tired of studying and they end up spending hours downloading and playing latest mobile games.

Affect Academic Performance

Many students enjoy latest Android and iPhone games to an extent of postponing or even neglecting their homework, assignment and other academic tasks. In many cases, they even discuss about mobile games with their friends and they barely talk anything about academic-related things. Studies show that a major proportion of students said that they are very good with mobile games, but not with latest taught subjects in the class. In other words, academic performance could suffer more, as students get more interested in mobile games.


Wastage of Money and Time

Costs of purchasing latest mobile devices can be so great that they can also distract students. Even affordable Android smartphone models are still out of the reach for many students who have no or little earning. Even if parents buy them a new smartphone, they also need to spend money on voice calls, text messages, data plans and repair/upgrade costs.

Exposure to Harmful Content

It is quite unfortunate to know that smartphones could also cause a number of negative behaviors. Smartphones are essentially multimedia-rich devices and it is quite possible for students to download some pornographic content or other inappropriate things. Young generation is known for their curiosity, but smartphones could divert this curiosity into unacceptable areas.