How Faith And Healing Are Connected? How Prayer Of Faith Can Solve All Your Problems?

How Faith And Healing Are Connected? How Prayer Of Faith Can Solve All Your Problems?

Many times, it might be possible that your prayer doesn’t yield desired results that you yearn for. While hope precedes all the prayer, but when answer comes, only then we recognize the difference that Faith actually makes while praying. Faith is the way in which you use God’s grace.

“Prayer of faith” always gets answered no matter what. The reason why it always gets answered is due to the nature of faith. While Faith just can’t be gazed upon eye or held in hand, but Faith in God is real than anything our senses can ever verify. That is the concept behind healing being taught by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Faith and Healing

One of the most important ingredients for the spiritual or divine healing is Faith. Biblical faith is not just intellectual assent, but it is a special kind of trust leading to active obedience.

Faith is just like channel through which the divine healing flows. God heals the individuals through the faith in him. A misconception of this very principle had lead many people to misplace the actual purpose of the faith. There are times when the teachers exhort people to may have greater faith. It is true that faith is very important for healing, but it is not “faith in faith” that actually heals.

Faith is not about believing that something will definitely happen before it actually happens! In fact, it’s about you knowing that provisions have been already made for healing and trusting God to manifest it. This is exactly what Chris Oyakhilome helps you to believe at Christ embassy.

The prayer of faith

The prayer of faith can save the sick. It is basically types of prayer where you stand on something God has promised or have made provision for.  This provision can be concerned with physical healing.

Many times, when person goes before his Lord in prayer for healing, they hope that they will definitely receive their healing. While they term is as faith, it is really the hope. They may hope really hard and even build up lots of hope, but ultimately walk away disappointed. They then walk around telling others that God wants them to suffer. What a blasphemy!

There is a lot of difference between prayer of hope and faith. While faith includes assurance, hope doesn’t! A prayer of faith can be prayed for something that is either promised or made provision by God for us. The forgiveness of sins is actually a prayer of our faith and same goes for the prayer we do for our physical healing.

Many sicknesses that we suffer from are demonic and not physical. There are number of examples of it in scriptures where the demons would cause boils, spinal infirmities, and even muteness.

Before you put your faith into somebody, you got to know them. This is why it is very important to spend a lot more quality time with God. You require knowing him to put your confidence in him!