How Does DevOps Affect The Developer?

How Does DevOps Affect The Developer?

DevOps is the new method of working. It has combined the efforts of Software Developers, IT operations specialists and Quality Assurance executives. By combining all these areas of project delivery, DevOps has improved the cohesion between all of them. But at the same time it has blurred the edges of the concept of being a specialist. All the members of the DevOps team are supposed to be able to do the jobs of everyone else. But this is not possible all the time. For this reason you need Devops Training Classes.

Role of the Devops Team

The DevOps team consists of members who specialize in Quality Assurance, System Administrator, Operations Analyst, Software Developer and DBA. Every member is supposed to be able to the work of everyone else if the need arises and thus they cannot be responsible solely for their work. This system of working doesn’t allow them to concentrate on or develop their own specialty. Thus it renders their training fruitless, which is the cause of a lot of heartburn for many.

Devops for Software Developer

The Software Developer is a technical role, and they can also do the work of the other members of the team. But the other members cannot do the work of the Software Developer. If there is a totem pole, then the Software Developer is at the top, followed by the System Administrator and the DBA. Then comes the QA, Operations, Release Coordinators and the rest. The Software Developer (at the very top) can do the work of all the people below them on the pole. But the same is not possible in the reverse order. The QA and related people cannot do the work of the IT, System Administrator, the DBA or the Software Developer due to lack of necessary skills. This is a great drawback for the DevOps concept and puts added pressure on the developer.

Devops Manages Process of Development

The Software Developer is supposed to take on managerial roles as well as technical roles. This puts an enormous strain on the Developer. They have to keep up with an enormous amount of knowledge and this is very difficult. There is only so much a human being can do. Having attained specialized knowledge, they have already spent a major of their capacity to store knowledge related to their specialty. Having to gain more knowledge will just use up all their reserves and they might burn out eventually. Additionally, the concept of utilizing a Developer for purpose other than development is a killer for the skills they have. They don’t spend their time in developing and are occupied in other works.

Knowing about the Devops Movement

The DevOps movement is meant for start-ups as they have to function like mad to stay afloat and in the game. For Developers who enjoy doing their work and write codes, have to take care of the other functions is a huge distraction and unnecessary strain. For those who just enjoy their work of writing codes for different software, this method of working doesn’t let them concentrate solely on this aspect of their work.

Devops Come with Added Responsibility

There may be some who enjoy the added responsibilities, but there is no arguing that it will cause a burn out sooner or later. DevOps can continue only as long as the stability is not achieved. If you continue even after that, it will hamper productivity instead of increasing it. However to balance things you can follow the lessons at Devops Certification In Toronto.