Homeschool Field Trip Ideas That Get Your Kids Curious About The World Around Them

Homeschool Field Trip Ideas That Get Your Kids Curious About The World Around Them

If you homeschool your children, you get to bond with them, show them individualized attention, create a curriculum based on their talents and interests, and push them harder than courses in traditional schools.

However, some homeschooled children become sheltered, so you should try to purposely expose them to different cultures and experiences. Take a field trip to provide a more immersive experience than you can get through a book. It can also help get them more interested in history, languages, geography, science, and other subjects. But where to go? Try these homeschool field trip ideas that get your kids curious about the world around them.

Explore a Temple From Different Religion

Culture, art, and history around the world are shaped by the religious beliefs of those who live in those areas. To help give your child more context for history and areas of the world they might not be familiar with, consider visiting a religious building with your child. Options include:

  • Jewish synagogues
  • Muslin mosques
  • Catholic churches
  • Buddhist temples
  • Hindu temples

You do not want to use this trip to instill fear or point out differences during the trip. Teach your children that people pray in different places and different ways, but even different religions emphasize one common principle of practicing kindness toward others.

Consider your child’s age before bringing them to a church. You don’t want to disturb those who are there for worship.

Attend a Traditional Music or Dance Performance

Young children do not typically exhibit the most sophisticated artistic taste, so you can do them a favor when you expose them to something new. Turn off the Baby Shark song and go watch a traditional music or dance performance in your area. Ideally, the performers will wear traditional clothing to capture your child’s attention and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the experience.

Visit the Zoo

The zoo offers significant learning opportunities in a variety of different subjects, including natural science and geography. You can make a point to focus on exotic animals from around the world or on one specific geographical region. Consider creating an educational scavenger hunt and have the children write down one to three facts for each animal they find on the list. There are many different zoos and aquariums with different focuses, such as Living Treasures Animal Park of Donegal.

Eat at Exotic Restaurant

Many cultures show love through the food they cook. Go with your children to an exotic restaurant to try new foods. In addition to teaching them about different cultures, this can help teach your kids what kinds of plants and animals are native to different areas of the world based on what kinds of food people there eat. For older kids, you can talk about agriculture and trade. Plus, you might even find new favorites to try making at home.

These field trip options can help open your child’s eyes to the world outside of their neighborhood and hopefully encourage them to keep exploring.