Give Your Child A Head Start: Enrol Them Into A Preschool

Give Your Child A Head Start: Enrol Them Into A Preschool

Parents, and their expectations. As observed, every parent, irrespective of their nation, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, and social status,  they want their kids to be bright, intelligent, and dynamic. Who, later in life can turn into bright individuals, securing a successful independent life full of peace, comfort, and harmony. I hope me, and my readers agree on this truth, whether they are parents or students themselves. This is something which we have lived with. Like people say, “been there, done it”.

But! Are our parents doing enough for our children? Do they get the perfect start which would be necessary to get the perfect life our parents imagine for us, daily? The question is quite a conundrum and the answer lies somewhere in between a YES and a NO. The quest for the answer brings us to a question, why do we need a preschool? The answer to this question is the answer to your last question. Sending our children to schools and then expecting them to deliver result doesn’t fit right, they need a preschool for the perfect head start that would surely benefit them later in life.  

So, is your child attending a preschool?

The age of zero till eight is a crucial stage of life, all the activities, and investments on your child reach in the direction of the development of your child and building their reading & writing habits.

A preschool will help your child seamlessly move into the next stage of life, the days of schooling and it would easier for them to grasp the new change in their life.   

To help you, we are making the things more digestible. Here we’ll share some facts about early childhood development.

According to a report by UNICEF,

  • Every year, on an average, 7.6 million children die, and we can’t do a thing about it. Painful, isn’t it?
  • Next, close to 25 time more of the same number which results into 200 million child, who survive, they don’t reach their full potential due to various factors, including lack of proper education.
  • Adult productivity which largely impacts a country’s economy and welfare turns out to be unproductive. The reason being the lack of skill development.
  • Early years of childhood act as the pillar that forms the base of intelligence, personality, social behavior, and capacity to learn and nurture oneself as an adult.
  • Spending money on the early childhood development of your child is not a cost, it’s an investment for your child to improve their future and provide them the skills and knowledge to build a bright future for themselves. 
  • And, it has been proven from various by the government and privately operated research reports that assistance in early years of childhood helps children achieve success in their school life. A successful time in school days results into adults with higher levels of income, better health, and less involvement in crimes.

Bottom line: It’s on you to send your child to a preschool or keep them back home unless they grow old enough to attend the primary school. But, whatever we shared about the importance of childhood development isn’t false. Consider sending your child to a preschool if you don’t want your child to beg for a job later.