Get Smart With Your Phone: The Best Educational Apps For

Get Smart With Your Phone: The Best Educational Apps For

As you know, the term “educational” is pretty broad and vague. Today education means not only getting your degree and a diploma to prove it, but also being versatile in your knowledge. Below you can find some of the best educational mobile apps to always look smart.

Get Smart With Your Phone: The Best Educational Apps For

The name of this app basically explains its main function. This app offers you a possibility to look up directly from your Samsung smartphone nearly any existing word. This ap offers both dictionary and thesaurus services depending on your needs and requirements. You can even check a map of local searches in your area.


This app was created by neuroscientists. It is a huge array of mind games that aim to hone your memory and attention to details. It is frequently used by parents to improve core cognitive abilities of their children. The examples of the games are tiles matching or making a swipe in the direction of a single bird within a flock.


This great productivity app offers a huge variety of tools for taking photos, creating to-do lists, crafting notes, and even recording voice reminders. All these functions can usually be tagged for additional organization. You can also synchronize the application in your phone with other devices of yours.


All and beloved Wiki is today available in an app version. It is official app provided y the website which gives access to the catalogue of the encyclopedia. You basically get access to more than 32 million disputable articles in more than 280 languages. Furthermore, with the app you will be able to easily share the articles you like via the social media or save them for further offline use.


The name of this app also explains the idea it offers. Here you are able to find more than 200 absolutely free courses that cover more than 20 diverse subject areas (such as music, science, etc.), Coursera offers courses held and created by the top-universities and institutions of the world. All you need is enroll into a course or courses, stream and also download lectures or simply watch some content on your own time.


Today it is a very rare situation that one organization makes you think a lot. You must have heard about the TED Talks where brightest minds of this era give talks about their businesses, ideas, or just experience. The free TED app opens you access the entire library that consists of more than 1,700 TED Talks videos.

Khan Academy

You might have already figured out that education can be pretty expensive. But with Khan Academy app you can get it for free. In this app you will find more than 4,000 videos that are free to download.


If you want to get education, your main job is to study hard. With StudyBlue installed into your iPhone 5, you can easily create and share a plethora of mobile flashcards, quizzes, and study guides, or choose right from an extensive collection of various flashcards and flashcard decks authorized by students.