Facts You Should Know About Business

Facts You Should Know About Business

Business is all about selling and buying while making profit or loss. This is how any person with knowledge of business perceives it. But we all venture in business, not to make a loss, but greatly lead to an awesome profit to meet our daily needs. Personally, I ventured into the same field with the same intention of getting a profit. In fact, my state was worse as at the moment I began my business; I had very minute capital to count on and to make any slight loss would have guaranteed collapse of my business. But gladly I survived this negativity of business and today I’m proud to discuss my business with you so as to encourage you with a dream of getting to business.

Nature of Business

Facts You Should Know About Business

When I started, my main intention was to launch a small kiosk just in the name of the shop since my capital was limited. Therefore, I popped into a wholesale storage and picked on some few goodies and carried with me to my small room that I had furnished. Within six months of running the business it grew, and I went to a bigger room in town, and I had a big shop. Apart from that, I also opened a saloon and bar shop just next and also started a cyber store next. Currently, I run a big hotel to add to the above. So I have diversified my business and what I get is massive rewards.

Challenges I Encountered

As always said, every path that leads to success must be rough and so was mine. I started my business as a sole proprietor yet at the moment, I was still in college. It was so rough for me as most of my time I spend at college while I neglected my business. It also forced to going an extra mile to working at odd hours just to make sure I sell all I had before expiry.

Furthermore, I was a shy guy with low public relation and developing a healthy business relationship was difficult for me, at first, days in the same business. I gathered few customers. However, I was determined not to stay in that state, so I chose to go an extra mile and managed to build a healthy relation. As of late, my customer relation is wow, and my businesses are currently flooded whenever open.

Not to Forget My Financial Status

At the moment I ventured into the business, I was still at college with minuscule income. For you information, to be sincere, I started a business from my little upkeep cash from my parents. I faced a lot and couldn’t even secure getting the right quantity at the right time. Sometimes, I ran short of stock and shone my customers off. But my major secret was to plough back the profit I earned and self-denial which saw me grow to my current state where I can proclaim myself a young millionaire.

I’m not just limited as such. I still have big dreams in business. I also want to be a billionaire just through business. Therefore to see on to this, I make sure to plough back my profits into as many firms as possible. This also helps see me through the havoc of making a loss and collapse of my business. I have spread the risk, and I’m just okay as we speak.

Remember business is an easy venture if well determined, committed and self-disciplined. It’s also the easiest way to mature financially. If you also aspire to be a rich guy, then you should begin business today.