Drone Camps for Children – A Great Way to spend the summer

Drone Camps for Children – A Great Way to spend the summer

Like them or not, drones are an integral part of our future. It’s not just the military that is using them; corporate giants like Amazon and or organizations like NASA are also investing in drone technology. Today, drones are being used for surveying and in search and rescue mission. Thus, learning about drone technology is a must for every child. Since it hasn’t been incorporated into school curriculum as yet, drone camps are a great idea for a child’s summer vacation plans.

Why Attend A Drone Camp?

Given the nascent stage of this technology, drones are expensive and may not be affordable for everyone. Even if you could buy your child one, you wouldn’t allow the kid to take it apart and study how it works. Hence, drone camps are a great way for children to be introduced to this technology. The camps are run by former students and experienced professionals who ensure that camp participants have fun while learning. These camps give children a chance to meet other children with similar interests. For a child interested in engineering, there’s no better way to get acquainted with technology than in a drone camp. Along with learning things specific to drones, these camps also encourage a child to be inquisitive and hone their problem solving skills. Like all summer camps, it also makes a child open up and learn new things about themselves.

What Can They Expect to Learn?

The schedule at a drone camp is a combination of theoretical and practical sessions balanced with fun exercises. Over 2 weeks, children are taught about the history of drone technology, its uses, and safety factors to be kept in mind while flying drones, and the principles of flight. Defining technology as good or bad depends largely on how it is used. Hence, the social responsibilities of flying a drone are also stressed upon in a drone camp. Practical sessions focus on learning the different parts of a drone by taking it apart and putting it back together. Children are taught how to code a drone and the robotics involved in building these unmanned aerial vehicles. They also get a chance to design and build their own drones. In the process of doing this, children also get a chance to learn CAD software. Once built, the focus then shifts on how to fly the drones safely and drone flight maneuvers. The highlight of a camp is a drone flying competition at the end.

What to Look for in a Drone Camp

There are different types of drone camps that a child can participate in. Some camps are residential in nature while others are designed for day campers. Residential campers live on the campus while day campers go back to their homes every evening. While choosing a drone camp you must also look into the total number of children attending the camp and the ratio of mentors to participants. A low mentor to children ratio ensures that your child receives the necessary attention and guidance.